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SFP Bear Cavalry is very active military unit which fights against imperialism all around the world. Join us now!! Ursa Fi!!!

With this article i will try to explain how SFP Bear Cavalry communes work and how to make best influence in battles against imperialism. Also some other tips that might be helpful.


SFP Bear Cavalry Communes Provides supplies to SFP Bear Cavalry members to fight in battles against imperialism. It is essential that members fight with this supplies in SFP approved battles. SFP Bear Cavalry Supplies are not to be used for battles with imperialist goals.
In order to get supplies from SFP Bear Cavalry you need to work in one of the commune companies listed below. By working for SFP Bear Cavalry Communes you can get daily supplies such as, all the food you can fight and Q5 weapons if you have 1000+ strength. All you need to do is work for a SFP Bear Cavalry Commune and fill out the daily form.
While determining the amount of the food you will need through the day, try to estimate how many times you will press fight button and multiply it with 10. Use that number while you are filling the supply request form.


SFP Bear Cavalry Angus Ranch:
SFP Bear Cavalry Belgian Blue
SFP Bear Cavalry Blue Albion
SFP Bear Cavalry Hereford
SFP Bear Cavalry Wagyu Ranch
SFP Bear Cavalry Rubber Plant:
SFP Bear Cavalry Hemp Seed 1:
SFP Bear Cavalry Hemp Seed 2:
SFP Bear Cavalry Hemp Seed 3:
SFP Bear Cavalry Tanks:


If you think your strength is low or you can not fight enough to use your Q5 weapons effectively, you might sell Q5 weapons in marketplace. With the money you make purchase gold and use it for extra strength training. This method also can be applied to admin supplied companies.(3x grain farms and Q1 food factory) Only difference you will be selling the food you have produced.


As i told before SFP Bear Cavalry is a very active military unit which fights against imperialsim all around the world. Helping victims of imperialsim is our first goal. In order to do that we post suitable battles in MU feed. (see image below)

As you can see in image we have two resistance wars to fight while i write this article. It is important to fight in these battles. It is even more important to fight in the right time. In order to determine when and where to fight you need to check status of each battle. If the wall is close to %50 fight there to push it past %50 and keep it there. If the wall is above %55 and first 30-45min has passed, look for another battle to fight.
SFP mostly helps victims of imperialism by fighting in resistance wars. It does not mean all your fights must be in resistance wars. As long as you fight against imperialism you can fight in conquest wars too.
SFP Bear Cavalry provides Q5 weapons to fight but with limited resources members can not get unlimited daily Q5 weapons. If you want to fight after you used all provided tanks, there are two options. Either you buy tanks from marketplace or you fight barehanded. First option allways seems better to me but if we look economic side it is cheaper that you fight barehanded twice than fighting with Q5 weapon. Little math here will show you what i mean.
Influence you make with 50 hits with tanks is equal to 100 hits you make barehanded. To make 50 hits with tanks you need 10 tanks and 50q5 foods. Which cost 488usd at the moment. If you want to make same influence barehanded you only need 100 Q5 food which costs 310usd. Same influence in battle but 178usd cheaper.

Mercenary Medal

Mercenary medal is fun and challenging sidequest for this game. Most of us fight all around the world to get that medal. While trying to get this medal we will have to fight from imperialist countries side. Important thing is trying to reduce number of these countries and try to make no significance effect while fighting for imperialist countries. For example you need to fight for poland against germany. If the wall is close to %50 never ever fight in polish side. You shouldn't make difference that will help them to win. But if Poland seems like they win already. They are 7-0 in battles and the wall is above %70 in poland favor and no one fighting back you might consider get your kills then. Also while poland is losing and the wall is below %40 for them, if you believe your influence wont be enough to push wall above %50 you can get your kills here too. This can be done at the end of the battles last 15mins is best time for this. This method is a bit risky. If the wall passes %50 I would feel guilty.

Pulse Project

Lastly i want to talk about pulse project. Most of the SFP Bear Cavalry uses it. Maybe all of them i am not sure. It is important where you use your supplies you get from SFP Bear Cavalry Communes and Pulse project helps us keep records of the battles where a member fights. Pulse Project also very helpful for individual to keep track of his/her daily influence and hit count. Also battle orders and many more functions helps military units to get orders and keep statistics. If you want to use it just go to and install the application for your browser.

If you have any questions feel free to pm me.
That is all i got to say. Thanks if you read it