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Day 884, 19:09 Published in USA Canada by Haliman

I made the article, and it was a decent one, and guess what happened.


Brief Summary

Rant was a true rant. I complained about the spammers in the USA National Chat. Kids won't get off my lawn >_<

My Dear Mr. President section included a citizen demanding the President eat the pine-cones. As I understand, Woxan didn't eat the first one.

The Ultimatum was 1/3 done. We got 5+ subscribers. So lets try to get 15 votes, 15 comments, or another 5 subscribers to get a new daily segment of the news today 🙂

Sorry about the lack of content this time around. Writing articles everyday is hard, and when the website won't publish them, naturally you get mad.

Don't forget to...




~Haliman out~


Dante Alagherii
Dante Alagherii Day 884, 19:17


Niko Porcell
Niko Porcell Day 884, 19:29


system0101 Day 884, 19:51

yeah the national chatroom is a cluster. All the old players use IRC.

Paladin Sutera
Paladin Sutera Day 884, 20:01

Don't have your vote tied up yet?

Vote Paladin Sutera in Utah!
PM for free tickets/gifts for the move.

Carlos De Leon
Carlos De Leon Day 884, 20:21

I would've punched the computer screen...

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