Feed the Freedom Fighters!

Day 1,356, 09:56 Published in Belgium Switzerland by Monsieur Guillontine


The Belgian Communist Party will soon be celebrating it's second month of being established! Currently, we have a steady stream of funds being acquired due to the donations from our Congress members. So far, the party has already raised 50 GOLD, and we are planning to save up much, much more. Our main focus for this money will be to be able to work with Comintern, the international communist organization.

As a member party, we would like to be a part of the Red Army in order to help liberate nations against the tyranny of imperialists. Once enough GOLD has been secured, we will use this money to buy a Military Unit, two Rubber Plantations, and one Q5 Weapons Factory. Through this army we will have created, the soldiers will be able to work in the communes and receive tanks in return for their services. As a result, the fighters for freedom will not only become stronger, but also develop a sense of discipline in order to aid nations in need.

It is time to be brave my fellow brothers and sisters. We must move onward and reach our goal to succeed in liberating all people from their sufferings! And so, I ask you fellow comrades, if you are willing to support the Belgian Communist Party's cause toward fighting for freedom, please donate as soon as you can!

Yours Truly,
Monsieur Guillontine
Chairman of the Belgian Communist Party