Far Eastern Region, a Victory?

Day 541, 14:52 Published in USA Bulgaria by Jewitt
Day 541 of the New World, 14 May, 2009 - Far Eastern Region, Russia, was the site is an amazing battle today. In the last fifteen minutes of the fighting, Congressmen, eMarines, businessmen, and proletariats stormed the borderlands and threw their weapons and fists at the wall. At its lowest, we brought it down to 10,500 with both Atlantis / eUS and PEACE G.C. tanks fighting.

After our tanks exhausted in their reserves, PEACE G.C. matched us with an additional 20,900 bringing it up to over 30,000! Many Congressmen, citizens, and eMarines fought barehanded in the final encounters and have walked away from the defeat with bloody knuckles displaying their wellness below 50.

However, it was a not a complete failure. Militarily, we had over 100 citizens rank up and many more leveled up to their next level of experience. As a business owner, I saw four of my own employees rank up and one even gained two levels. I guess my paychecks were really going to something besides food! Another note: This was 10 nations fighting our single one and we held our ground to the very end. They may say "Fail-lantis" or "eUS wastes GOLD," but it took 10 nations to bring us down and even then it was a 50/50 in the end. How's that?

In all, I see this as a victory. We gained unity, willpower, pride, excitement, and fun all from a single battle. So, eAmerica, what do you say?

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Only one thing: Get read for round two!

Also, our survey from our last issue ("Rate your Government!") has its results in:
Out of 39 responses, this is how it plays:
On a scale of 1-7, Scrabman was rated on an average of 4. This means "Slightly Approve."
On a scale of "Approve" or "Disapprove," Congress scored 29 Disapprovals and ten Approvals!
In regardless of liking Atlantis, 35 said they liked the alliance or were indifferent. The remained disapproved.
The most common comments from the survey were:

"eGovernment is indifferent and passive. They should appoint a special trade representative to help bring about lowering trade barriers, or we will continue to fall behind." - Eight comments with this subject.
"Why was there lack of action when the eUK paratroopers looted the Czech treasury?" - Eight comments with this subject.
"Jewitt for Prez!" - Four comments with this subject.
"War we need ti expand and start to fight lets get some high regions of diamonds and stuff" - Four comments with this subject.