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Fair play vs money

Day 2,006, 07:19 Published in Romania Romania by Valahian
Can money buy the rules?

It is well known that some people are trying to sell their account for real money to others. It is well known some do. But does those in charge to respect and apply the Terms and Conditions of Use do something about it?

For those who never read it, I will remind you the 3 section, pharagraph 3 :

"You may not: (i) enter, select or use an email address owned or controlled by another person with the intent to impersonate that person, or, (ii) use a name without appropriate authorisation, iii) permit others to use your account, iv) sell, trade, or otherwise transfer your erepublik account to another party, v) use other Users’ accounts, vi) charge anyone for access to any portion of, or any information therein."

"We reserve the right in our sole discretion to refuse registration of, suspend or cancel a user identification name without notice, or to test the veracity of email addresses provided at any time. You shall be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and are fully responsible for all activities that occur under your user name and password. Any user identification name and password chosen or provided to you for your access to the Service shall be for your personal use only and is non-transferable."

All those above are punishable with permanent withdrawal of your right to use the site.

Now the question is: Does someone that spent thousands of dollars on this game sells his account to someone who spent as much, still gets the same punishment? Does those rules apply for everyone equally?

I will present you such a case:

Collin Lantrip, known figure of the US, former president and big spender. You can see his running for office presentation here: ( . If you click on the link of Collin Lantrip his new name will pop up as Iliya The Great : ( ) the president of Bulgaria atm. Unless the former president of US and well known figure of his country, learned bulgarian over night : ( ) witch i doubt, than whoever this new person is, bought the account from the real Collin Lantrip. Also there is no record of him beeing born in Bulgaria at all, he had the citizenship approved on 29 april this year, probaly the same time when he bought the account ( ).

Now let's go to the real Collin Lantrip that every US citizen know... His goal in all of this was to come back with an account in top 1 strenght. However he didn't had so many options, Marco Polo ( he and the second in place were sweeping places from time to time) not being on the "market" or the demanding price being too spicy even for him. Than who had the strenght to match Marco?

For a better knowledge read this article: (
As you can see the first in the world was Ilies Daniel ( it was a mistake made by the author, whoever do his training first for the day have the top str in the eworld, so Marco outwin Ilies by 1 day of training!!): . If you click on the link of Ilies you will get this : Surprise! It's the new CollinLantrip this time without a space. Funny as hell since mr. Collin have done such a great deal of damage for eRomania : , a true patriot, a true soldier even tho i doubt he even speak romanian.

One of the articoles i've found you can see it here : , it is a romanian articole but look for the new Colling reply : . If you want more, there is a stunning interviu with Ilies : . As you can see everything is in romanian : . Now, does Collin speak fluent romanian? I doubt.

To get even deeper into the matter, if you run a google search on Ilies Daniel you will probably get numerous of sites, all of those redirect you to the new Collin, some old sites have not updated infos for years now, one of the funniest being Maxihellas, they updated his profile picture bun not his name!! (
Same goes for the bulgarian president Iliya : (

For most of us those evidence will suffice for making a right judgement on the matter, but will it suffice for those in charge? Was the name change update, the “door” that made possible for big wallets to bend the rules? In any case there shouldn’t be a problem as long as they can track down your ip. They can see how an account flew in one day from USA to Bulgaria and other from Romania to USA.

Now, i ask you, does money can buy fairplay? Bend rules? Does anybody works on making this game at least a bit fair for everyone involved? Will the ones in charge take any action on this matter? Or they will just close their eyes as usual as long as money flows from those users? Do you, the average citizen, have the will to play a game where if you have a lot of money you can bend the rules in your favor? Cuz i for sure not.


Riyusaky Day 2,006, 07:26

Dangerous thing to ask, you know..
Good job !

Equality is the biggest illusion of mankind

Anticomunistul Day 2,006, 07:34

"All [animals] are equal, but some [animals] are more equal than others"

Colonel Jack ONeal
Colonel Jack ONeal Day 2,007, 11:32

Mai animalule!😁))

Anticomunistul Day 2,007, 13:03

In nici un caz porc.

Colonel Jack ONeal
Colonel Jack ONeal Day 2,007, 13:31

Asta asa e.

Lawrence of Arabia
Lawrence of Arabia Day 2,006, 07:39

That was very well said Valahian. Big vote!

Valahian Day 2,006, 07:39

Va rog sa spamati cu el pana il vor sterge.

Taromon X
Taromon X Day 2,006, 15:44

le este prea frica sa il stearga, acum ca este atat de cunoscut ; )
ar insemna sa recunoasca tot : ))

vejderr Day 2,010, 05:52

Vote, there should be some kind of massticket.

There is another problem - many of oldfags are administrators of this game which is the biggest mistake ever done cause they will always bend the rules :c

oboj Day 2,006, 07:44

It would be even more fun if those two sit during working hours at next desks in Plato's lab.
: )

Simonymous Day 2,006, 09:24

Conspiracy revieled!

zmeuNY Day 2,006, 22:11

Shock and Terror !!!
UM FAR has a billion clones !!! (proof)

belzebut cel crunt
belzebut cel crunt Day 2,007, 13:20

dute la otv

Spectrul Day 2,008, 02:34

the one who is without sin cast the first stone! so zmeuNY be quiet

IntoOblivion Day 2,006, 07:45

Va rog sa il corectati pana il vor sterge.

Valahian Day 2,006, 07:52

si asta

Nicolas Cristian Alex Popa
Nicolas Cristian Alex Popa Day 2,006, 07:46

valahiane .... acuma 1-2 luni mi-am exprimat si eu parerea cu privinta la un comment al unui/unei cumparator/cumparatoare de goldan (si cred ca era diamond). cum nu i-a convenit raspunsul (nu continea nici un fel de injuriu/ceva ca sa il injure pe el/ea sau pe oricine si din rl si din erep) mi-a dat report si am primit FP. cand am incercat sa ii explic acel cuv care ii displacea iar mi-a dat FP. cand am facut ticket sa vad de ce am luat totusi FP mi s-a spus ca ei considera acel cuv ca este un injuriu(dupa ce m-am chinuit in vreo 5 tickete ca eu vreau sa stiu de ce am luat FP daca acele com nu contineau nimic injositor iar ei imi rapundeau intruna ca nu pot face nimic). acuma probabil din nou imi voi lua FP(se spune ca al 3-lea il primesti din noroc/ghinion).

cel mai frumos la aceasta experienta a fost ca FP l-am primit la nici 5 minute de la comentariu dar pentru primul raspuns si toate clarificarile ... in mult mult mai mult timp(~4-6 zile). prin acestea pot sa iti confirm faptul ca cei care cumpar gold regulat(si in cantitati mari) primesc si anumite "benefici"

Jean Luk Picard1
Jean Luk Picard1 Day 2,007, 20:45

sunt niste tabuuri despre care e interzis sa vorbim dar cine e inteligent stie ca nu va castiga nimic daca baga bani aici.

Nicolas Cristian Alex Popa
Nicolas Cristian Alex Popa Day 2,008, 04:00

ba da castiga niste "drepturi" in plus

Jean Luk Picard1
Jean Luk Picard1 Day 2,008, 04:30


Bullterier Day 2,006, 07:54

al nostru CP mai bine si ar vedea de soarta tarii, ca nu suntem in stare sa facem fata bulgarilor, cu toti mega aliatii astia noi

de unde si vorba aia: tara arde.......

Mihai ML Day 2,006, 07:56

Comment deleted

Bullterier Day 2,006, 07:57

Comment deleted

Mihai ML
Mihai ML Day 2,006, 08:03


BodiTheGreat Day 2,006, 08:08

cred ca articolu l-a scris dupa ce a vazut cum in banat s-a intors din nou div 4 cu 300 mil damage de un singur om 🙂 fair play > bani?

TelefIyer Day 2,006, 09:30

mare patriot bullterier, 1000 gold din vanzare de damage , nu ardea tara si cand te vindeai pt cativ banuti virtuali bull?

Bullterier Day 2,006, 09:35

Comment deleted

TelefIyer Day 2,006, 09:37

bull mama daca e folosit de vn sau nu spune comandantul nu tu.

Bullterier Day 2,006, 09:44

Comment deleted

TelefIyer Day 2,006, 09:49

bullterier daca obtin vreun venit sau nu e munca mea, si daca fac o balanta neta suma cheltuielilor in unitate a depasit cu mult eventualele venituri, asa incat nu numai ca il folosesc in interesul unitatii dam mai aduc si bani de acasa 'camarade'

Bullterier Day 2,006, 09:57

Comment deleted

TelefIyer Day 2,006, 09:59

daca e sau nu oficial vn spune comanda unitatii puisor

Bullterier Day 2,006, 09:59

Comment deleted

Ovidiu Sky
Ovidiu Sky Day 2,006, 08:24

Money don't buy the rules, money makes the rules ; )

cc1432 Day 2,006, 08:27

nu.... cand o persoana investeste regulat 200-300 euro pe luna, sa fii convins ca il vor lasa sa faca ce vrea atat timp cat banii curg.
mai ales ca genul asta "snobist" antreneaza si alti 'snobi" sa ivesteasca si ei la randul lor tot mai mult.
iar, noi, restul... nici ca contam. evetual luam FP-uri si ban-uri. Singura forma de protest este sa ne lasam de joc in masa, ceea ce din nou este o utopie....

TelefIyer Day 2,006, 08:36

ascundem gunoiul sub pres bullterier, e mai simplu, nu? cand vindeai damage in loc sa dai la ordin tot de soarta tarii iti pasa bullterier?

Bullterier Day 2,006, 09:12

stai usor bahmu, sa nu lesini de la tensiune 😁))

Bullterier Day 2,006, 09:13

Comment deleted

TelefIyer Day 2,006, 09:54

cine e bahmu?

Uschmidt Day 2,006, 08:42

I think that is not your job to spy out other people. If somebody wants to sell his account it's his thing and not yours.

JohnCV Day 2,006, 08:46

When the rules of the game have been broken i think it's everybody's job to report the misdeed, don't you? Or you rather play outside the rules as well?

Simonymous Day 2,006, 09:27

I have been banned for no good reason several times and they have a reason to be banned but they are not. So, if they told me "Do whatever you want, we won't ban you" I'd be ok. But they ban me for spam and my profile shows "banned for multies" cuz fck me, right?

MACEDONIAN 9 Day 2,006, 08:59

Nicely said o/

anThhraX Day 2,006, 09:24

Thank you Captain Obvious!

estroe Day 2,006, 09:25

Well,where were you when Scymex did the same thing long long time ago?But wait,he's not hitting against Romania so its cool.Is a bad thing but don't be a hypocrite.

Valahian Day 2,006, 09:27

I care about who hit against Romania, I am not erep policeman.They have moderators for that.

estroe Day 2,006, 09:37

You're a policeman,but only when is convenint for you..That rule is a nonsense anyway because as long as i have one accont i don't see the problem in that.In eLife are more bad things then buying an account.Collin Lantrip has a goal and he's using his credit card for it.Is not his fault that you,me or anybody else don't have money to spend it for tanking.

Valahian Day 2,006, 11:45

estroe, himself has bought that account from the real one....

Zygongos Day 2,007, 07:15

estroe, of course Valachian is a policeman. For his country. This is his job. He is now the CP of eRomania.
Figure that. Can you? If yes, then Go On. If not, R.I.P.

zmeuNY Day 2,008, 01:14

estroe is just a little frustrated jealous kid

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