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Day 1,860, 21:22 Published in Malaysia Malaysia by Monkeyboom Yau

this is a Personal Message from ME MonkeyBoom Yau.
there is nothing to do with eMalaysia / erepublik.

i have face some problem in real Life.
i need your help.

Malaysia GOV have launch one event call
1Malaysia for youth.

my university project is 'Teaching Programme For underprivileged Students.'

we chose 'Teaching programmes for school children' as our project because we can turn the future into a better one through education & the children who cannot afford go for tuitions will able to come for this free teaching programmes. Youngsters of today are able to share their knowledge with the upcoming younger generation.. This is not only based on education, but even can teach them some skills and hand works. This will not ended in 1 day but can be continued forever.

so my university was chosen for top 10.
now they will go for Top 3.

if my university get top 3
GOV will give some gift and help to launch a carnival/concert at university.

Main POINT is Judging is based on 100% Facebook votes. The universities with the top 3 highest votes will win

so i need your help is Vote for my university project 'Teaching Programme For underprivileged Students.'

click the link below

it will bring you to

then click vote now

then you will bring to TOP 10 list.

Pls Vote For my University

the reason i ask for vote is because
if my uni is out of top 3. we will still receive fund for launch the project. but we will put more affort to launch it ourselves.

if my Uni is in TOp 3. we will receive fund from GOV as well as will get help from GOV. which it will help to reduce afford by our team. at the same time it will make it easy to spread the 'Teaching Programme For underprivileged Students.' to whole Malaysia.

for more info, you can get it from
Teaching programme for Underprivilaged Students.

click the link below

your help and vote is appreciated
Monkeyboom Yau



sunatan Day 1,860, 21:38

voted 🙂

Izzat F. Kennedy
Izzat F. Kennedy Day 1,860, 21:41


Nerzhu1 Day 1,860, 22:14

I wonder, my former university is also competing there. (Thinking where should I cast my vote)

mhifzan Day 1,861, 23:49

dah vote lama dah : )

Monkeyboom Yau
Monkeyboom Yau Day 1,861, 01:09

Nerzhu1, ofcourse vote for your own. 🙂
loyalty own uni 🙂

HardFever Day 1,861, 03:47

I sangat suka remaja yang berjiwa kenegaraan, but I saw my old uni...miyahaha~
later I comeback from workout, I'l read about ur proposal...

Smallee Day 1,861, 08:43

Done.. but why still 12%.. C'mon ppl.. show some support to Monkeyboom Yau pls...

Hanya spend 2-3 minutes of your time..

Tq..E Malaysian.

Blitz Aegis
Blitz Aegis Day 1,861, 11:53

gold please

HardFever Day 1,861, 19:06

Go Monkey Go!!

affandede Day 1,862, 00:17


Danny Herlino Sutra
Danny Herlino Sutra Day 1,862, 01:46


Monkeyboom Yau
Monkeyboom Yau Day 1,862, 02:13

Thank brother and sister support 🙂
appreciated it

kyouharu Day 1,862, 07:19

voted...just for you Monkey!! here is your banana! 😛

Monkeyboom Yau
Monkeyboom Yau Day 1,862, 21:40

thank Kyouharu 🙂
wow eChina banana so fresh 😛

Maximus Sammitto
Maximus Sammitto Day 1,862, 21:56

Vote done!

irvan permana
irvan permana Day 1,862, 22:58

vote later at home

Aliss Wonder
Aliss Wonder Day 1,864, 06:35

voted !!!

Monkeyboom Yau
Monkeyboom Yau Day 1,865, 23:00

thank mate 🙂

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