Face 2 face – eRepublik famous characters around the World – Part 7 [EN]

Day 659, 10:09 Published in Romania Romania by malika ela
This article’s purpose is to make us know each other a little better.

Ines Schumacher, eresident of eSouth Africa, most well-known as the eSouth African resistance leader in exile, she negotiated Limpopo from one of the occupiers, eBrazil, and laid the cornerstones to a peaceful relationship between these two countries.

What's the story behind her name? Ines: 'Ines is my real name. My nickname among my friends is Schums because I have a scary tendency to drive like Micheal Schumacher in RL so I stapled 'Schumacher' onto my surname and I use Schums as my username on the forums and IRC.'
How she joined eWorld? 'I just moved to a new city and my own flat. After I finished watching all my old series on my laptop like 3 times, I was bored and saw the eRep ad while browsing some website or other. I joined eSouth Africa since I live there in RL. Rather pathetic story if you ask me! 🙂 Since then, I've made friends both in the new city and in eRepublik and now I can't imagine my life without logging onto eRep at all hours of the day.'

Durruti , no. 8 in eWorld ranking, no. 1 in eSpanish ranking, Mayor of Sevilla two times in beta, vice-President of Spain in June and Colonel of the army from December to June, also one of the first eSpanish FM, and the first eSpanish in reaching 500k damage, 3rd Spanish in reaching Media Mogul.

What’s the story of his name? Durruti: ’ Well, during the Christmas of 2007, some friends tell me to register in eR in order to join the party they have just create😛 Bloque Obrero. Like the party was far-left, I decided to join eR with the name of a well known character from the RL far-left in Spain in the past. ‘
How he joined eWorld? ’merga, an RL friend who leaved the game a couple of months ago, sent me the invitation to join eR.’

butnaru , famous for his military career, the 3rd World's strongest tank, 9 times battle hero, almost 400.000 damage in tens of battles throughout the world.

What’s the story behind his name? butnaru: ’It's a very simple story: Butnaru is my family name 🙂.’
How he joined eWorld? ’In late November or early December 2007 I've seen an article about eRepublik in the Romanian media, I signed up... and on the 24th day of the New World I became an e-citizen.’

Jacobi, 3 times President of eCanada (he was President when Canada was wiped off the map, and then three days later rose again!), Prime Minister of Canada, serving his third term, he does a lot of videos for eCanada at www.youtube.com/colcarp, and Media Mogul.

What’s the story behind your name? Jacobi: ’I played a game called American Government Simulation before erepublik under the name Colin Carpenter. When I joined eRepublik, I mistakenly believed that you could only have one name, and I liked neither Colin nor Carpenter (my real last name) enough to use them on their own. So, since Sir Derek Jacobi is my favorite actor, I went with that.’
How he joined eWorld? www.cracked.com I saw an ad and it looked really interesting....something about how you can become your country's President.’

Sparta Kratos, aka his resurrected ego, Flashgun, President of Brazil in BETA and in the next month he continued as President, being first Brazilian President of V1. In that time, he declared war on Argentina and a famous maxim circulated around the worl😛 THIS IS SPARTA! He did the Brazilian state companies due to several high resources that they have. Later he became the Supreme Commander of Theocratic Holy Army and continues in the current days, Media Mogul.

What’s the story behind his name? Sparta Kratos: ’My nick comes from Kratos the main character of God of War because I’m a really soldier that do everything to fight until the death. And Sparta because Sparta is the place of Kratos and the best soldiers of world. So like a strong soldier I chose the nick that I consider perfect: Sparta Kratos. Too bad to be banned. After my ban, I got this new account from a friend of mine that leave the game.’

How he joined eWorld? ’I joined erepublik because a friend of mine posted the link in a forum of Saint Seiya that I’ve read everyday. So in that same day I started playing with very like.’

leireleire, 2 times President of eVenezuela, plus one impeachment that left her as President a third time, also she made contributions to other governments, like Vice minister, Economy minister, Education and work minister... and head congressmen. She also founded a party, PV, with the actual President of Venezuela, and she has been party president many months.

What’s the story behind her name? leireleire: ’That’s my real name, but I put it twice (leire).’
How she joined eWorld? ’I joined ER in February 2008 in beta version, when my brother sent me an invitation. We were 20 people in Venezuela, almost all of them were from the same town in Venezuela where I come from, Judibana, so we were very close and opened a lot of companies with an organization called "Cooperativa Judibana". Then we started to send invitations to people and became a larger country, about 100 people... ‘
She adde😛 ’I am also rich, people in my country know about me about being one of the former presidents that did not stole a single dime from the government, and everything I have now is from my own earnings with my companies. Right now I have 50 employees and they are happy!’.

Reshev Villanova, 2 times president of Brazil (by impeachment); Patron of Brazilian Army; Dioist Priest; One of the oldest PEACE tanks; Invited Argentina to join PEACE instead of dominate it completely; Former member of the INTERNATIONALE (soviet organization); Former PCP mayor in Norwich, UK; Former Supreme Commander of the Austrian Army; eRep forum enthusiast with 2317 posts.

What’s the story of his name? Reshev: ’Reshev is the surname of a villain in a game (called Omikron: The Nomad Soul) and Villanova is my last name in real life. Nothing special, eh? But if you change the "v" of Reshev by "f", you will have the name of an ancient god of War and Plague.’
How he joined eWorld? ’I was invited by two friends of an extinct group of Brazilian beta testers. We were working on another project when they asked me to join Erepublik.’

-Chuck Norris- 1st President of eChile, Congressman in Argentina and Chile, Minister in both countries. Minister of economy, defense, representative in several alliances.

What’s the story of his name? Chuck: ’I chose my name when I joined because Judas was taken. I used to be called that way in another game called hattrick, and since Chuck Norris is such a cool guy, I chose his name instead. But Chuck's name was already taken, so I used the -Name- things. I never thought I would last so much in this game, otherwise I would have chosen another name, one a bit more original.’
How he joined eWorld? ’I joined erepublik in may of 2008, when I saw a topic of this game in the non conference in hattrick. A bunch of Uruguayan players where looking for people to send invites, and explained to me that our countries where not created yet on the game, but almost all Latin-Americans lived in Argentina (I'm Chilean), so I joined and chose Argentina as my home and place of birth.’

El Balash is the reincarnation of Balash mayor of Shiraz in Beta, he was high member of national security council of Iran, high consultant for several governments in Iran, 1st President of China, Party President of numerous parties that he cannot remember them all now, is the one that destroyed Pakistan, famous for TOs in Pakistan, China, Japan, Norway, Thailand, thanks to his Mafia group.

What’s the story of his name? El Balash: ’Balash was the name of several Sassanid and Parthian kings (Ancient Persia era). The Greek equivalent is "Vologases". I just like the way it's pronounced. I got banned and then I've decided to come back after almost 8 months with a new name. "EL" is the Spanish for "The" from Arabic "Al". I got this idea from "El Barto" (Another name for Bart from The Simpsons).'
How you joined the eWorld? ’If I recall correctly, there was a call for help in a gamers community on the web about eIran and How Pakistanis (Dioists) are planning to destroy our country. Then I registered directly from the website. After some days, I got an invitation from Admin (probably Geo).'

Will continue.

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