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Day 2,119, 15:23 Published in USA USA by Bucephalus92

Greetings Bros,

Like the new Banners? Thank Mourning Star and Blondeninja

Very little to report on in North America these days, the United States and Mexico are focusing on helping allies and ignoring the attacks by Poland. It hurts to lose region after region but it is important to remember that supporting our allies now is what will be good for us in the long term. Hopefully it won't be too long until we see a united American and Mexican attack on Polish controlled America. With prominent American DMV3 being elected as cp of Canada and pledging to rebuild relationships with the United States then Canadian assistance may not be off the table once the battle to regain America begins.

From a recent DMV3 presidential article

The NAP between Argentina and Chile has worked out splendidly for both countries, however both Bolivia and Brazil are probably regretting that the NAP came to pass. With their typical adversary currently not an option both nations have taken to beating on their neighbors instead, with Chile gaining fruit and rubber through their conquest of Bolivia and Argentina gaining rubber, deer, grain, saltpeter, and fruit from their conquest of Brazil and its colonies in South Africa. Little else is occurring in this theater at the moment, both the Venezuelan and Brazilian resistance wars looke to fail with Spain minutes away from winning and Brazil losing 22-0.

In the red circle we have the ongoing battle to dismantle the Slovenian empire. Currently there are Austrian, Swiss, and Italian resistance wars raging against Slovenia, however at this point it seems like only with Swiss one is succeeding.

Italian resistance war currently 14-8 in favor of Slovenia.
Austrian resistance war currently 45-10 in favor of Slovenia.
Swiss resistance war currently 39-19 in favor of Switzerland.

Meanwhile Slovenia has launched attacks against both Italy and France while Serbia has launched a direct attack against Croatia.
Slovenian attack against Italy, currently 55-0 in Italy's favor.
Slovenian attack against France, France is currently winning 48-38.
Serbia's offensive against Croatia has succeeded.

In the green circle we have the never-ending struggle between Asgard (Norway, Finland, and Sweden) and the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. As a result of the Bulgarian airstrike Sweden was completely freed and Lithuania has lost all of its colonies aside from those in the far North, cut of from their home regions by a long stretch. Currently both sides are launching offensives against each other, as well as a resistance war on part part of Norway against Lithuania.
Lithuanian attack against Finland, Finaldn is currently in the lead 67-43 however Lithuania looks like it could make a comeback.
Swedish attack against Latvia, Sweden is currently losing 44-0.
Finnish attack against Estonia, the Finns are currently losing 55-0.
Norwegian resistance war against Lithuania, Lithuania is currently winning 46-9.

In the blue circle we have a front that is just developing between Hungary and Russia.. Since the destruction of their empire Hungary has been quietly putting themselves back together again and have succeeded conquering all of Ukraine except for the few regions the Russians took in anticipation of renewed conflict with Hungary. Russia only recently regained its regions from Hungary and will fight hard to avoid being wiped again, as well as to protect the region they have lent the French to help them get congress. Currently Hungary is winning in Sloboda 40-26.

Really not much to report on regarding the Middle East, Greece (brown) and Turkey (pink) have essentially taken whatever they want. Israel (purple) and Iran (silver) also have decent holdings while Egypt (red), Saudi Arabia (green), and United Arab Emirates (other little purple) take what they are given.

Albania, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina remain safe in their Indian colonies.

China is maintaining an easy 10/10, currently holding regions in North Korea, Japan, Pakistan, and the Philippines (and Tibet). Taiwan has control over all of South Korea, meanwhile Portugal is chilling in the Japanese regions that they took via airstrike.

Not much to report on here, Indonesia has completed its conquest of Australia and the Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) remain firmly situated in their new home in New Zealand.

A big thank you to Mourning Star and Blondeninja again for the banners.

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Today's TED Talk discusses the military and how it needs to change. This is a seriously good one, if you have the time you should watch it.



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Bucephalus92 Day 2,119, 15:29

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Mourning Star
Mourning Star Day 2,119, 17:25

I did the banners for this article, the Middle East, Europe, etc. banners. So you better like it! ❤

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Raw784 Day 2,119, 19:02

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