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eWorld news (7th edition)

Day 1,987, 11:37 Published in USA Bulgaria by Mrs NoLimit

Ah, resting is bliss. You miss so much stuff and when you come back- WHAM! You laugh and cry how the game never changes- it's just b*llz!!!

The current australian CP is going to run again. Most points are about NaN. As you know, they are growing slowly and the CP informs of possible coalition between them and Asgard. He did use the term “treaty” buuut it’s not like there were flying kitties between them. So it is about mutual help I guess.

Continuing with some real flying kitties yaaay!

The official jibberish is that Latvia is doing it for fun. Still, austrians don’t buy that, saying both countries have never had conflicts, they actually have many friends in common. And maybe they are bugged that a country uses the airstrike against another, that is actually pretty close. Cause lets face it- most use it for long travels, it is expensive. But it is a good way to stop wars with Asgard...
Anyway, the austrian governor published an article, saying latvian congress members proposed to be bought, meaning not to vote it. They already had an offer from their own CP... If this is truly so, ehh 🙁 Never nice to determine the faith of a country for some CC....

TWO posted an article about their new “army” (u know alliance based stuff) and some news around the countries.
They say Belgium is going towards TWO or better say it -ACT. As you know, Belgium is still a part of CoT so it is a tricky moment 😃
Anyway, in an interview it is said possible new members are Greece and Romania. I can start blabbing here, saying why that is a “yes” and why a “no”.
No matter what nice words they say, pushing Romania in, cause some don’t “like” CoT anymore, has taken its price on some TWO members...

Lets leave TWO for now and continue to CUA or CUAI 😃 (TOLD U SO IN MY FIRST ARTICLES!) Ireland has been fighting up there with Argentina and their attack on the UK. Now, as you know Argentina and many CoT countries don’t get along. Still that did not stop other to put up MPP proposals to Ireland. For now don’t expect friendships of that kind. Still it is implied that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” .. Or so I read between the lines. 😃 Huh...

And now a little about EDEN. Gotta love the italians 😃 EDEN’s newspaper is... dead 😃 sooo, itsy-bitsy pieces come forward.
So EDEN had a meeting yesterday, voting if the alliance should continue to exist. And drumroll- EDEN is still active.. for now.
Cause if you believe the rumors coming from everywhere, including Poland, CoT is on the tip of inviting Croatia 😃 Why hello Croatia, did u know you are coming 😃 😃 😃 😃

Actually there were only 2 YES for the END of EDEN- from Italy and Albania. Italy has started the law for exiting.
As for the Greece-TWO thing. ..As they say- nothing official, just rumors yet, but as you know- in all rumors, there is truth and a log. WAKE UP SMEE 😃

And I can’t just stay silent 😃 CONGRATZ Russia and CoT!!! Yaaay!

TOP 50 MUs Argentina - Daño Mensual
Greetings Bosnia and Herzegovina
Habla el CP búlgaro. Entrevista a The Graverobber [ESP - ENG]
Breaking news! Consequences of global warming!

Sneaky sneaky DarkMistress as always

(◕‿-) eWorld news (7th edition)



Sir Mort
Sir Mort Day 1,987, 11:42


SpikyJade2700 Day 1,987, 11:43

Voted, great article!

Minino. Day 1,987, 11:44


Tervel 2
Tervel 2 Day 1,987, 11:52

браво , добре ще е и на испански да има версия

dia761 Day 1,988, 04:12

С твоя испански..:Д то ще добре и на бг за такива като мен ,ама на ..

Exphobia Day 1,987, 11:54

^^ vote

klop123 Day 1,987, 12:01

CoT, Asgard and the small alliances v.s TWO

Make it happen already : D

OVALNI REBORN Day 1,987, 12:11

uttering smee's name in vain?
now we shall finally see those CoT HQ logs where attack on TWO is discussed xD
and you give dubrovnik much more credit than he deserves xD

iYiJosse Day 1,987, 12:14


OlaVingaard Day 1,987, 12:23

Croatia and Albania will end at CoT

OlaVingaard Day 1,987, 12:24

in CoT*

Simonymous Day 1,987, 12:35


LyDEjKO Day 1,988, 03:32

macedonia wont let albania in cot.

The Mike
The Mike Day 1,987, 16:35

haha, another lovely article ^ ^

Kradlivi Bulgari
Kradlivi Bulgari Day 1,988, 04:24

vs пусни 1 раздаване аз ще раздам да ти вземем медала най-накрая

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,988, 06:24


DiPink Pie
DiPink Pie Day 1,988, 07:32

Moar kitties pwease

Hale26 Day 1,988, 13:15


(I like how you give us behind the details shtuff. Nice 😁)

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