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eWorld news (6th edition)

Day 1,974, 12:46 Published in USA Bulgaria by Mrs NoLimit

It’s that time again, to bug you with news... and kitties 😃

Starting with something very new. The eSerbian MoFA posted this article with questions for CoT. I will not comment on this one, cause as PR of CoT I really don’t want someone to think the things I write from my personal newspaper have anything to do with an official statement 😃
So just read it, the author took the time to translate it in english, so it will be easy 🙂
I usually comment both sides, but not today, waaa....

eAlbania is also thinking of using the airstrike. You can see a bit here, but most articles are in the argentine press 😃 They are helping (see this and this) So many countries trying to go on a little vacation I guess.

So a flying kitty for you too!

While we’re on the subject, I wrote about eBiH and their first vote for AS on eIndia. The law was rejected

Then the CP put it up again and now they are fighting. The President reported in an article that they need money for MPPs and also to help eAlbania.
IF eAlbania also goes to eIndia I have some suspicions eCroatia will return on the Balkans and just try to take their original territories from eSerbia for herself... The bonuses won’t be bad 😃 Or maybe I am crazy
For now eBiH is winning against eIndia.

The war between eAustria and eSlovakia is over. It wa s a strange TW-rental-normal... whatever it was 😃 You can read the article. Happy happy now!

eBulgaria is getting out the big guns, or so the CP says 😃 In his article he explains and shows that he was contacted about a NAP (yes my name runs through the IRC chat, I am everywhere muhahahahaha). So now there is no NAP and a few meh-meh battles that were not a priority in the country. The CP is asking if eRomania deserves a Congress.

And again... possible airstrike, booooooooeeew. 😃 Bored now. Anyway eArgentina is helping them too. Now we just need to see if eGreece will fly. A not so cute kitty for u, cause I don’t wanna throw no more kitties 🙁 And also this is something interesting, about weapons, buying-selling, to gather money, but I am lazy, so no translation!

[MdC] Café com o CP II
[CP] Issues!
Ministerio de Defensa - Importante
[CP] The German-Danish Meeting [DE|EN]

Every vote, shout and like is whi.. I mean loved 😃

(◕‿-) eWorld news (6th edition)

P.S. (after publication):
I don't mind being called a Serb, Pole, Italian and so on 😃 But just check the profile before asking or saying dumb things please....



Dm. Khotko
Dm. Khotko Day 1,974, 12:50

Serbia is so Serbia

The Mike
The Mike Day 1,974, 12:51


/me loves Lilo < 3

Juana Sycaeus
Juana Sycaeus Day 1,974, 13:06


klop123 Day 1,974, 13:12

Subbed and Voted : D

Sollam Day 1,974, 13:27

Луда си, бре ей, луда си! 🙂 Тор да не бях!!!😁))))

Clydeo Day 1,974, 19:32

Serbia is so Lol

DiPink Pie
DiPink Pie Day 1,974, 20:38

Just throw the last kitty to me, please *-*

Shanix Day 1,974, 21:31

Great newspaper you have. Congrats
I love the way you write and all those kitty cat pictures! it's so fun to read yet quit informative.
thanks for the great job and keep it up 🙂

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