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eWorld Cross needs donations

Day 619, 20:39 Published in Canada Malaysia by panzer1990panzer

As many of you know the eWorld Cross has been helping Canada for about a week since its inception. Since its opening I have been able to distribute about 60-70 weapons thanks to donations from regular citizens of Canada. All funds have been used to fight peace oppressors. If you dont believe me check out previous articles.

So what do I need from you and how will it help you?

To keep this program running we need donations from people new and old. Even a donation of 1 CAD will go a long way to helping this program stay alive. We have received donations from quite a few people ranging from 1 cad to 5 gold.

How does this program work?

To those of you who don't know I started this to get weapons at an unbelievable 1 CAD per weapon. Most of the people who have used my program often donate more then that just to keep it running. Which means more weapons I can get to YOU. I have also brought several people from around 25 wellness to 40 wellness at which point they can fight and heal up.

Who can use it?

ANYONE!!! I've had people who are from level 5-18 use my program. This operation has had a success that is beyond anything I expected it too.

So comeon donate that spare CAD you have layin around. Donate to a cause that matters. Donate to someone who wants to help Canada and will use EVERY resource I've got to get our weapons to the front line unlike our government. This war will be won BY the people for the greater prosperity of the Canadian Citizen.



panzer1990panzer Day 619, 23:12

in about an hour the drive will start. Currently I have very little funds to do anything with.

Wild Han
Wild Han Day 620, 01:43

I just donated 4 bucks. Sorry but thats all I have. If 100 people donate 4CAD thats a lot of guns! Don't think about just donate for a good cause!

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