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EWA. Tourism Module. The Wealth of Nations.

Day 1,941, 07:17 Published in Republic of Moldova Republic of Moldova by Lupusorul tainic


At the first summit of EWA was proposed and accepted Tourism Module project
(with the agreement of the great majority of member countries present at the meeting).

Today, 14.03.2013 at 2nd EWA council is launched Tourism & Wealth of Nations projects.

The purpose of the tourism module is to explore, to discover and to know the most beautiful locations on earth , the most valuable objects and places of each country: monuments, parks, fortresses, museums, nature & landscape reserves, historical and cultural objects that embody the true national wealth.

They will be made ​​through tourist attractions/objectives which citizens will establish in each country, in original regions. Regions will acquire a value greater than the economic / political or strategic motive and regions gets an image and a unique value - another reason to fight strongly for each part of land.

Objects can be established only in natal territories.


1. Each country has an equal chance to create tourist attractions.
2. Each citizen can contribute to creation of the tourist objectives.
3. The competition between attractions will increase their quality.
4. With the creation of a tourist objective, will increase the requirements for the creation of the next tourist objective.

5. To create a tourist attraction, we have 2 options:
a) NOT need money.
There will be other requirements, and other criteria will be involved.
For example: experience / experience level. At present - it is useless, and absolutely no one needs it. Experience is now used only for divisional organization, some restrictions for beginners and "National rank".

Need money.
In this case, the amount needed to create a tourist attraction should be calculated using a formula that would take into consideration: number of active citizens, regions and already existing tourist objective.

6. Citizens / government can decide what kind of reward would like to receive in his country. The visiting of objectives can be taxed (a new source of income) so as to respect the principle 7

7. Tourism should NOT be based on money or gold. Currency can be used as alternative, on condition that citizens who do not have money to have an equal chance to visit attractions or fulfill the missions.

The tourism concept can be defined by the following scheme:

Tourism will operate with 4 interconnected classes of objects:
attractions; missions; rewards; treasurses & souvenirs.

A way of realization.
Tourism Minister may propose tourist attractions for each original region.
The law will be sent to the voting (congress/country president)
If the law is approved - a tourist attraction will be created in specified region.

1. Hierarchical tree:

First - should be revised the structure of the countries.

The country is divided into regions, regions are composed by tourist attractions.

2. Special forms for content management
Creation of special forms to submit and manage content of a tourist objective.
At the beginning they can be represented through articles with special status.

example of creation & management form:

Content: accurate information about the real object: a clear description, images, video, citizen comments..etc, thus the locations will be more realistic.

For visiting tourist attractions & and fulfill the missions - we get rewards.

Player can buy/receives a local souvenir that keeps all the information on the visited subject.

A suggestion: each country can establish the own reward you get in visiting a tourist attraction !

We will visit the regions and new countries to take advantage of " +3 str "
Division 1, 2 will be motivated by strength, tanks by bonus x2.

1) eCitizens will actively collaborate to create the most beautiful tourist attractions in eWorld.

2)We will travel more & we will know the spirit of visited country through the tourist attractions, recivied souvenirs, and a pleasant experience.

3) Increase the value of each region: we will not fight only for economic bonus, territorial / military advantage or congress seats.

4) A new circuit of finances, a new way to invest:
Visiting other countries or supporting the own objectives.

5) A new purpose. A new focus, a more useful occupation than 3 click.
New circuits of the population, damage and finances.

6) The tourist objectives creates the country image, and will represent the national wealth.

7)Small countries with small sources of income or only few regions / bonuses, will have the chance to make more money

Changes and interaction with other modules:

Social: a very good chance to manifest creative people - writers, photographers, designers. Citizens will be interested to bring as many visitors to their country. Therefore the relations between countries will be more dynamic.

Policy: ministry & minister of tourism will create and manage the attractions.
New laws:
a) The law to create a new tourist object
The law to tax each visit.

Economy: A new way to invest money or other resources:
a) The creation of tourist objects
Creation and selling of souvenirs.

Income from visiting comes into treasury.
Tourism will support economic module.

Military: After a visit, citizens will come back with new forces: x2 hits.
Will be some tactical changes - one of them will be : the recreation for soldiers before important battles to take advantage of boosters.

Media: Each country will try to promote their destinations, as well as possible.
It's an easy way to know the most beautiful places on earth.

At the launch of tourism module, admins can create a lot of interesting missions:

"World encyclopedia" - A mission which consists in the gradual discovery of countries by visiting them.

+ A little work with map, in search of treasures or accomplishing missions

Random events would be welcome: during travels players can find or to hide treasures in tourist attractions It would be an interesting step.
Treasures may be different: CC, Gold, souvenirs, raw, weapons, rockets.

+ The possibility to move anywhere, in unpopulated regions.

Through tourist module we will see the true treasures of each country.

Wealth of Nations.

We can do the first step towards tourism module.

Wealth of Nations is a project which suppose that every country present their top 5 of the most great and precious objects / places in the country, that can become tourist attractions.

The world is full of beautiful things... so lets go find them !

Backup: 1,2,3

Please: Vote, shout and comment ! Your opinion counts!

If you have any suggestions / questions or ideas / projects just write me !

Best regards !
With respect, Lupusorul tainic,
Leader of Erepublik World Academy.



Green4x Day 1,941, 07:19

That can really bring more fun into the game!

l a n e r o n
l a n e r o n Day 1,941, 07:24

sounds good .

ASPF Day 1,941, 07:25


MisziPL Day 1,941, 07:32

Good idea and nice change in eLife.

mdrha Day 1,941, 07:45

vote & nice

Andreica1989 Day 1,941, 07:45


Persian Punisher
Persian Punisher Day 1,941, 07:49

Good Work

T.FatherGO Day 1,941, 07:51


BasarabeanuCT Day 1,941, 07:55

Good!,Vot pentru munca;)

Chlife Day 1,941, 08:02

o7 vote

N.O.U.R Day 1,941, 08:48


t150 Day 1,941, 10:26


F.11 Day 1,941, 11:44


Alexandru Gujuman
Alexandru Gujuman Day 1,941, 12:12

seems an interesting idea but don't agree with strenght bonus, is favoring big players

War3hous313 Day 1,941, 16:37

great idea! that will bring more fun for sure.

Krye Qendra
Krye Qendra Day 1,941, 16:47


tigriii Day 1,941, 16:51


ManuR Day 1,941, 16:52

wonderful idea o7

Coma 23
Coma 23 Day 1,941, 16:58

great idea

Delijohn Day 1,941, 17:00

didn't read it all... but sounds great! good work!

MADALEX Day 1,941, 17:05

Sounds interesting!

Endritt Zekka
Endritt Zekka Day 1,941, 22:49

Amazing idea

Lazim Latifi
Lazim Latifi Day 1,941, 22:52

Good idea and nice change in eLife.

Mikael Kanto
Mikael Kanto Day 1,941, 22:54


galenhilion Day 1,941, 22:58

bok gibi

Doge N7
Doge N7 Day 1,941, 23:16

The big problem is this one : contries will pay in CC to have TA but all this money will be destroyed, and the income comes from others citizens, consequences : a big amount of money destroyed, no money created, whereas we need the contrary... In add, rewards for div 3 and 4 are shit.

But it's a good and usefull project

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,941, 23:18

Interesting concept and great article! Voted and shouted o7

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 1,941, 23:42

Nice idea. voted

buru Day 1,942, 00:43


Rommel Erwin
Rommel Erwin Day 1,942, 00:51


8-3=1 Day 1,942, 00:57


AragornMS Day 1,942, 01:00

Nice idea, specially that lower divisions need chance for gain more strength...

torca sibenik
torca sibenik Day 1,942, 01:07


Al PuniSheR
Al PuniSheR Day 1,942, 01:38


TushiThaka Day 1,942, 02:10


Krontzo Day 1,942, 02:15

sounds good

Jback Day 1,942, 03:23


sicuo Day 1,942, 05:05

Fantastic ! Good Job .-

Take note, admins


JetonGrenForce1 Day 1,942, 05:36

I like it! o7

MarceloMusa Day 1,942, 06:34

Good idea !! v

Alorio Day 1,942, 08:56


Tapir83 Day 1,942, 09:53

v252 o7

Kendo Yanar
Kendo Yanar Day 1,942, 09:54

Interesting idea indeed!

hrvatino Day 1,942, 11:06

LIKE = )

Dan Ristesson
Dan Ristesson Day 1,942, 11:46

If this idea comes to life i'll move to eNew Zealand permanently : )

ardealu Day 1,942, 15:34

foate buna idea!!!

cunetlog Day 1,942, 15:49

vote! go for it tiger!🙂 sorry "wolfy"🙂

Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque Day 1,943, 06:40

Can you elaborate more on the Wealth of Nations? It seems like a good idea

alkedsh Day 1,943, 13:29


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