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Day 3,602, 08:55 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria by 2nd Division

Greetings, citizens of the vast eWorld.

No matter whose side you are on, who your enemies or allies are, there is something we should never stray forget:
To be friends!!!

As a global community, we could contribute a lot to making eRepublik a better place. The game’s weakest spot is that we, as countries, resemble closed societies.

It has finally come time to break the status quo!

We are happy to inform you that the proposed Weekly Journal Project has been approved by Plato.

We are now seeking content creators*, designers and people who are willing to help in another way.
*The content could be written in any language but an English translation should be mandatorily enclosed.

You can either join a team or create one. Each team will be granted funds, as we have promised.

Contact us for further information or to apply!

Best regards,

MartinnSM and Sollam

Recently my friend Bakalin (a really secular and exceptionally enlightened in many spheres man) came across an article that claimed that women with bigger ( . )Y( . ) are smarter.
As every self-respecting rational person, Bakalin contemplated for a long time

What memory does the silicone have?

Vexed by the synthetic matrix equation's solution, he ran to...

his wife and kneeled before her.

I on the other hand – a bit superficial, ordinary laic of science, partly a pornographer, asked myself :

And since we’re stepping into the sphere of


, we must note the introduction of “Face ID”.
A revolution in the world of facial recognition: https://www.apple.com/iphone-x/#face-id

Thank you, dear mom, for not giving birth to an alligator!🙂

In spite of being beautiful by nature, the first problem with the … SMARTphone came quickly.

I found myself explaining to it hourslong, that sometimes in life come uncalled circumstances, whose solutions lie outside of one’s power. There was a point, when I felt that it was genuinely understanding me and if it weren’t for the bloody software, the phone would’ve immediately recognized me and answered my prayers.

Eventually, the smartphone turned out to be even less understanding than a neighbor’s spouse.

In this line of thinking, maybe we muss admit, that latest technology often comes with many problems. Some insignificant, but others – quite inconvenient, I would say.
And because we are still talking about “scanning”, that was exactly what happened to me at the Frankfurt airport.

Of course, I tried to explain that “that thing” they were concerned about, wasn’t what they thought it is, but my inflamed hemorrhoids
Unfortunately, I regretted saying this immediately, because I realized that they would like to inquire.


Now let’s go back to the quiz from the last edition of the Weekly Journal.


In the movie “Collateral Beauty”, Keira Knightley played the role of

“Three things connect every single human being on Earth…”


In Israel, my friend Adele had begun the construction of a tremendous holiday resort for the eRepublik’s young citizens.

Well, I am not “young”, nor wealthy, so instead of buying the presidential suite, I bought myself a small closet nearby.
It may be small.. but the odor of essential oils tickled her.. senses.

And may the eDreams become eReality with our support!


This week's rubric is by idea of our friend Bakalin
We hope that this funny old game will help you to get acquainted with yourself, the people around you and mostly - the real value of trust.

English: http://ncase.me/trust/

Български: http://ncase.me/trust-bg/

Have a nice WEEKEND!🙂

P.P. Stay turned for our new rubrics in the next edition of our Weekly Journal.

Side note:
“eDiot has nothing to do with eDostoevsky”

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