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Day 1,903, 14:39 Published in Canada Portugal by ragalanow jadon

Hello ma name is Ragalanow jadon an im lookin to get an endorsement from some party in the upcoming CP elections. Any party. Ya im taking to you Ukrainians.

Ma slogan for this campaign is if not Rylde why not Raga? I’ll even shorten my name.

So here’s what I would do for Canada:

I would get rid of em! Hell we ain’t communist here(?)! why would we want taxes!

MU funding:
It’s all going to the CAF baby. Not one penny is goin to some god worshipers (what they disbanded??? Screw em) or big business “captains” no sir. That’ll make em realize the error of there ways. we can go back to the good old days, making operation French toast every morning.

Foreign affairs and war:
I think it’s time we realized it would just be easier if we all lived on PEI and NFL. It’s small, but compared to the rest of the world that’s the landmass to population area we should have anyways. The rest of our lands I’d split between Poland and Spain so they’d just god dam leave us alone. Then we could attack Ireland anyways, they’re not doing what we want and we’re bigger then them, seems rational.


I’d have rylde and punisher as my joint MoFA. I think they’d make a good team.

Wally cleaver would be my MoD, because that job might get sleepy.

And the rest I would start a lottery to hand out! Every week it’d be someone new in cabinet. Yaya \o/

Anyways im ta bored to right the rest and im sure a parties going to endorse me so I’ll skip ahead to vote Raga for CP, because you got no one better to vote for.

*oh and i'd only sign MPP's with five nations, Asgard, portugal, columbia, and norway. the rest of the non exsistent money would go to merc,s. they're more relible.
**and Marychan would be my VP just because she know what to doo when i go AWOL-ly.

*to all CP candidates don’t take this article to serious 😉*



Theunreal21 Day 1,903, 15:09

At least you have a program... I'd vote for you!

Mann551 Day 1,903, 16:20

too bad you can't be endorsed for CP elections until the March 5th elections

Bryan Alexander
Bryan Alexander Day 1,903, 17:31

Run for CP
Rent out all regions

crisfire Day 1,903, 18:59

Scary thing is CW would be right behind you, some probably think this is still doable

ragalanow jadon
ragalanow jadon Day 1,903, 21:41

^lol i tryed to make it as ironical as possible

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