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eUSA fail. Again.

Day 1,863, 10:22 Published in USA Cyprus by Mr.Cypriot

Last four months, in eUSA trying to defend against PTO by the AFA.

Every president (Inwegen, Cerb, Henry Pfeiffer Arundel, Israel Stevens) employed the same strategy against AFA. They changed MPP's and alliances.
They shed regions to lose bonuses, in the belief that AFA members will relinquish their US citizenship for a more prosperous one. Meanwhile, the American people suffer from decreased productivity, and the US military lacks money and resources to maintain its strength.

Let's see the results of that strategy against AFA
Number of votes


Congress members

Who wins??
AFA or.. the others?
The AMP and USWP have lost their power. Elitism is dead.
Decreased bonuses and unity candidates for POTUS aren't what's best for the eUSA.

The eUSA needs a new political strategy. More clear.
The eUSA needs better Democracy regarding its MPP, alliance, and bonuses policies.



Black Sonia
Black Sonia Day 1,863, 10:29


Unbias Day 1,863, 10:29

I have to concur with you with the last part, "The eUSA needs a new political strategy. More clear.
The eUSA needs better Democracy regarding its MPP, alliance, and bonuses policies".

Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Day 1,863, 10:35

The numbers don't really lie on what's been happening. The downfall of America is something quite predictable regarding the current management we had.

K1tho Day 1,863, 10:36


ElvenCRO Day 1,863, 10:37

voted so hard!

The Hierophant V
The Hierophant V Day 1,863, 10:38


Rorschach C
Rorschach C Day 1,863, 10:39


Rona1d Day 1,863, 10:41


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,863, 10:47

Eh, it's a decent article. Voted

Fitisin Day 1,863, 11:05

The Traitorous AFA doesn't have a majority in Congress, and can be blocked by the non-PTO other four party Members of Congress. it's a good outcome, containment.

TheCrown Day 1,863, 11:12

look at the numbes fitisin. the "containment" policy is failing. it's just a matter of time until they have a majority, then a super-majority. at this point the pto is complete. just a matter of time.

Syz2 Day 1,863, 11:43


I don't think the lack of bonuses is making as dramatic effect that people are claiming though.

Kody5. Day 1,863, 12:16

this shows the wtp and Feds are gaining.
Feds slowly and wtp out of nowhere.
AFA has stayed the same.

nikol000 Day 1,863, 12:19

eUSA citizens PRO elites have more trouble with lack of bonuses .
Wrong decisions and stupid politics few people , is no WAR in politics only wise decision and compromise

American Border Collie
American Border Collie Day 1,863, 12:46

Once again, all I can say is that the current policies only delay the inevitable PTO of the eUSA and the descent into anarchy.

As it stands, the ATO parties barely have enough votes to impeach a president. Those AFA seats are only going to increase as time goes on as they liberally grant citizenship to loyal parties.

I have seen this happen before in another country. Sadly, exclusion is not going to work for much longer. It is indeed time for a new strategy.

Dellodas Day 1,863, 12:50


Marianiki4 Day 1,863, 12:56


samdoo Day 1,863, 13:05

The true issue is not the players its the game... Admin no longer bans the bots. This PTO threat proves it. The game no longer allows new players to make much difference or grow so they quit. Existing players remain and thats it..Sometimes older players come back but there are few that do. The issue has been the game since rising. Admin needs to change the game before there is truly a way to fight any PTO or even make the game fair. The players have been trying to tell admin the right way to grow the game since Rising admin hasn`t been listening. The game is dying along with most countries that dont cheat.

LordRahl2 Day 1,863, 13:13

Interesting numbers but why when the AFA is bringing in 200ish members a month is it not at 1400 members? Curious.

Ariakis Day 1,863, 14:32

Might be that they are preparing another party to bring it into top5?

Also it's pretty clear that rest of top5 lose votes at the same or even a bit quicker rate than AFA.

eptoxeusamen Day 1,863, 14:32


PimpDollaz Day 1,863, 14:32

I smell multies

Civil  Anarchy
Civil Anarchy Day 1,863, 14:47

Statistics, the easiest way to manipulate.
You're quite wrong about this entire ordeal. If you look back at when we had bonuses, the AFA's membership was increasing exponentially.
May 2012 = AFA 443
June 2012 = AFA 526
July 2012 = AFA 1005

Over the course of a month, the AFA jumped by 500 votes. In addition to this, the AFA is approving about 200 new citizens per month, and yet your article shows them not only decreasing, but losing a substantial portion of that 200. So the AFA is losing members, at a faster rate than any of the other parties. The difference is, the AFA is bringing in enough people to mitigate that. So the real question lies in how the eUS needs to mitigate it's own losses.

The reality is, that if we allowed bonuses to go past August 2012, we would already be PTO'd. They brought in 500 new people over the course of a month, and that would easily close the gap they would need. Get the facts right, and not just the ones you cherry pick to make a point.

shiloh13 Day 1,863, 15:07

An interesting read. CA above brings some interesting info above as well.

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,863, 15:35

+1 Civil Anarchy

killeramt Day 1,863, 15:45

Erepublik should never had removed the work skill...

Nenya Day 1,863, 15:50

so much excuses in comments.
reality is that AFA holding control package of congress 18 seats against 35. current government cann't vote any laws what needs 2/3 of congress votes like NE, impeachment etc without AFA approval. and that's only what is actualy important in this article.

USA will not be under PTO. USA ALREADY IS UNDER PTO. Thanks to current government who caused that with they politic games.


Velibor Dolas
Velibor Dolas Day 1,863, 17:48

The chat shows who true americans are trough thick and PTOers jump the ship americans stay and fight...long live AFA

Viarizi Day 1,864, 01:38

First of all, I am not admiting to anything.

Maybe the beguining of the great AFA was made with enemies of the USA, I dont know because I wasnt here in the beguining.

What I do know is that since I joined the AFA a huge majority of its members are refugees from oter countries searching for a better life as I was, and when we knocked on Americas door the only people we found whilling to help us was the American Freedom Alliance.

A vast majority of our members come not from enemy countries but from war destoyed ones and of course we will join the party that helped us out on our of need but that does not make us automaticly Americas enemies, we want to live the American dream and AFA understands that.

Maybe if, after we enter USA, you did not persecute our members just for being AFA, some of the more extremist members would relax their views.

Maybe if you would allow our congressmen to join USA forum congress discussion posts we would not feel so left out and you nigt find out we just have some common ground to work.

Maybe if you did not use an welcome message threatning our members and telling newbs to disregard AFA we would not make those anoying rogue proposals (btw count them...).

Maybe if you stop using your clones and stop accusing us of using them... We could start talking about CS approvals... Just saying.

Viarizi Day 1,864, 01:41

Sorry for the grammar I am using my tablet and dont have spell check...

poe101591 Day 1,864, 12:38

You also have to take in account the eUSA has lost what? 3000 users in the span of a few months. I don't recall the exact number, but it was somewhere at 10,000 or 11,000 at a peak. Now its dropped to 8,800. The fact that there has been a steady decline (rapid in some) in the top 5 parties isn't at all surprising. I'm curious to see the statistic in the majority of the 6th parties with in the eUSA and see if they have grown or declined. This reminds me of the INCI leaving, that surely was a fair amount of active users that are no longer participating in eUSA politics as well.

Candor Day 1,864, 22:20

Appreciate the statistics. V.

Dell Fargus
Dell Fargus Day 1,864, 22:51

I'm just happy to see the USWP finally die.

forsetii Day 1,865, 23:23


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