eUSA-eCuba Rental Agreement

Day 2,430, 06:29 Published in USA USA by Department of State

The US State Department is pleased to announce that after meetings and negotiations with the leadership of Cuba, our conflict has come to a peaceful resolution. We have agreed to a rental agreement as outlined below.

I. Preamble

In order to strengthen the relationship of the United States and Cuba, a rental agreement for the regions of Oriente and Las Villas shall improve the economic situation for both countries.

II. Terms

A. Cuba agrees to rent the regions of Oriente and Las Villas to the United States.
B. The United States agrees to pay 42,000cc for these regions (reimbursement for lost taxes from the occupation).
C. The United States agrees to pay an additional 8,000cc for lost taxes during the days of occupation occurring prior to this agreement.
D. The United States shall make the payment within 2 days of the signing of this agreement.

III. Enforcement

A. If any terms are inadvertently broken by Cuba or the United States, the situation shall be rectified in a peaceful and patient manner, in order to return to the terms of this agreement.
B. If any regions other than Oriente and Las Villas are taken during acquirement, they shall be RW’d (Resistance War) back to Cuba as soon as possible.

IV. Renewal

There is no stipulation for renewal of this agreement. A new agreement must be drafted if the rental is desired to continue and a price agreed upon at that time. This agreement expires on the 6th of August, 2014.

V. Approvals

This agreement has been agreed to and approved by the following, on Day 2429 of the New Worl😛

Signed for the United Statesmjohnston
Signed for Cuba:tall nik