eUSA eArgentina Non Aggression Pact

Day 2,381, 08:33 Published in USA USA by Department of State

The US State Department is pleased to announce that, after some bilateral conversations and meetings, we have reached an agreement with the Argentine government, which is approved in both respective Congresses. The terms are as follows:

[EN] NAP Argentina-USA

1.- The Non-Aggression Pact will be for a period of 30 (thirty) days

2.- Both countries agree to not to engage in any kind of direct attacks against each other. This includes NE, AS and Declaration of War, and applies to original regions as well as to the colonies.

The intention of this Non Aggression Pact is to secure eUS borders, allowing the USA to free up damage to take the fight to Asteria in other parts of the The New World. America has been tying up lose ends for a while now, as we declared ceasefire in our war on Canada yesterday, as we look to commit to fight for our allies harder and with more fire power, without having to worry other distractions. Our Sirius allies can feel assured that we will be there to fight for them in all their endeavours.

The US State Department