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eUkraine Guerrilla Fight Competition: Weekly Winner Announcement

Day 2,215, 05:54 Published in Ukraine Canada by New Faustian Man

This week's winner, and for the second week in a row, is: Batiar with 119 kills.

Congratulations! o7


Guerrilla Fight Rules

> How is the Winner Decided?

Each Friday around 05:00 Erepublik time I will check the Guerrilla Fight Rankings under the Last 7 Days tab. Whoever’s top, and assuming they fit the eligibility criteria, wins 10 Gold! Simple as that.

> Who’s Eligible?

To be eligible you must possess Ukrainian citizenship and have had Ukrainian citizenship for the duration of the previous week leading up to the Friday when the winner is determined. As the competition organizer I am exempting myself from winning, though I will continue to Guerrilla fight as per usual. That means if I ever finish top, the prize will be allocated to whoever finishes in second place. Note: No Gold prize will be awarded on Day 2,201, this date is the start of the competition

Thanks, and if your thinking of competing - Goodluck! o7



ComKar Day 2,215, 06:00


Den Morke
Den Morke Day 2,215, 06:03


Batiar Day 2,215, 06:19

You have accepted 10.00 Gold from New Faustian Man.

P.s.Ukr. Day 2,215, 11:50

эх, давно я не расчехлял свою Type X 🙂

WayneKerr Day 2,215, 13:11


Bob Reklambud
Bob Reklambud Day 2,231, 05:10


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