eUK Over The Last 600 Days

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A lot of major events have gone on at our shores in the past 600 days. We, as a nation, have been attacked by at least 6 different countries. Our allies Poland have also held several different regions at several different times. To the list, we can also add a region swap. So this article will look at what has actually gone on.

Ireland and France (and Canada)... Round 1
At the end of 2011, and when I joined the game, we were attcked by not just one country, not two, but three countries. Ireland, Canada and France all conquered eUK regions and held onto them for several weeks and months. After regaining several regions in resistance wars, and then losing them back to the opposing three countries, we attacked French regions whilst our own were still captured. We even took Paris! During the first half of April we lost of French regions but managed to clear Canada off of our mainland. Things were starting to look promising until USA conquered Wales and spread through the regions we took off Canada. Canada returned in May, so Poland got involved and kicked USA out of our country. Canada took France's regions off of them so that the eUK had to focus on Canada to regain the regions. After many tense fights we beat Canada to regain our country, except for Scotland and Northern Ireland which Ireland quietly held.

The Not So Long Irish Peace Deal
With Ireland holding onto Scotland and Northern Ireland, and with the ability to continue the fighting with the eUK, both countries governments came together and created a peace deal. This peace deal ensured that both countries would not fight each other. A region swap was also envolved which controversially let Ireland keep the two regions while the eUK got Dublin and Louth. The deal did not last long as Germany and France attacked.

Ireland and France (and Germany)... Round 2
During July 2012, France and Germany declared the eUK as Natural Enemy. With damage being focused on the two invading countries, the eUK had to give up Dublin and Louth. These countries ran wreck in the eUK, and wiped us. During the same month, Poland got involved to clear France and Germany from our lands. The whole invasion was short, it ended before July did.

Our Regions Return and The Boring Months
In August, both government tried to renegotiate the peace deal. The eUK held onto Dublin and Louth for a short period of time but the deal did not last, Scotland and Northern Ireland returned the eUKs hands. Dublin and Louth returned to Ireland. After the Irish and eUK governments failed to renegotiate the official peace deal, the eUK did not see invaders at the shores for a long while. Canada did take Wales but that invasion ended quickly.

Argentina Airstrikes
Argentina airstriked in April. The South American country tried to spark a babyboom in their country after real life tensions increased about The Falklands. Argentina achieved a babyboom during their airstrike of the eUK, and conquered many eUK regions. Ireland also jumped on the chance and attacked some eUK regions. The invasion did not last long, as our saviours Polands got involved again to save our country. Argentina was removed by Poland and the eUK took the regions that Ireland conquered. The eUK went on the wipe Ireland before taking back original regions from Poland.

The Present
The eUK has Irish regions. Poland is holding onto Wales incase USA or Canada try to invade our regions again. In terms of the future, the eUK can expect another invasion, but we will not be able to predict who as the past has shown that many countries will take an oppertunity to conquer our regions. Finally, I will leave you with an image of our regions over the past 600 days:

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