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eUK Apprenticeship Scheme

Day 1,985, 11:02 Published in United Kingdom Norway by Major Lee Hung

Hello all!

Are you under level 28? This scheme may be for you! Read further to begin your development and receive financial support to do so!

Apprenticeship Scheme

The apprenticeship scheme gives new players the support and guidance they need in the ever-growing political playground the eUK has become. New players will be encouraged to ignore all spam 'join X party because Y' messages and develop in their own way - using the financial backing and teachings of their mentor.

The scheme is completely free of politics other than a message detailing the views of every party when the time is right for them to begin making political decisions. If a new player feels they're ready to start learning about parties, a factual, non-biased message will be sent to them outlining a summary of each party.

This scheme isn't sponsored or endorsed by the eUK government, and will be run completely privately.


As well as the tips and support of experienced players, you'll recieve the following as further support:
-A 30GBP per day job
-Regular tanks as rewards for activity
-Food products you make will be donated to the eNHS to further help new players
-Wage rises for good work

Aims of this Scheme

The aims of the scheme are simple:-

-Retention: New players will be pulled right in to the eUK community upon joining. They'll be given help, support and extra money to keep them interested in the game.
-Development: New players will receive the advice and financial support they need to get things started. The funding will provide a significant boost in to the future generation of eRepublik.

How it will Work

Requirements to Join

-Level 1 to 28
-At least five days old (Protecting the scheme from multies)

Your wage will be dropped back in line with the rest of the eUK's wages upon reaching level 29.

-New players will take a job with me here:

-If you qualify, I'll increase your wage to 30GBP once you've taken a job with me, and send you an introductory message.

There are currently 50 places - I'll increase this if demand is high however.

Running Your Own

I encourage people to set up their own scheme if you want to help new players. The more people are involved with running the scheme, the better we can make the eUK for new players.

If you want to take part as a mentor, please message me and I'll make sure you're well rewarded for your time.

Message me with any further queries 😃




Sekula Vasiljevic
Sekula Vasiljevic Day 1,985, 11:22

Great article well done!!.Thanks for being my friend.I want to be a mentor,and i am level 26th

Major Lee Hung
Major Lee Hung Day 1,985, 11:24

Once we get a few more people onboard I'll send you a message and see where you want to help out. 🙂

Jimbojoy Day 1,985, 11:36

Good stuff.

Bohemond4 Day 1,986, 21:18

looks great


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