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eTruth -Special Edition- Project barbinhas

Day 1,903, 06:09 Published in Portugal Portugal by The Anaconda

Friends, I come to you today with ePortugal sitting on a crossroad. To the left, the path that we have been choosing over and over that has been bringing us back to the same crossroad every month. But this time is different, for to the right we have another path that wasn't available previously, a path of resistance, a path of passion, a path of glory... a path of EXCELLENCE and the revival of ePortugal.
I'm referring to the presidential elections and would like to take the opportunity to talk to you about the RIGHT path.

First, a small introduction to the man. barbinhas has been a model citizen of ePortugal for many years now. You need not more than a glance to his profile (barbinhas) to understand the valor of this half-man half-amazing Portuguese. From military achievements (bh medals, strength, miltary rank,...) to political experience (congress medals, media mogul,...) he has all you would want your president to have and more!

barbinhas CP o/

The barbinhas project is simple and it focuses mostly on fixing the finances of the country, but has other social and military aspects as well.

barbinhas CP o/


There is only one easy and quick way to solve all our financial problems. Should barbinhas get elected president, he will steal all the PTE's in our vaults for himself and his friends. With no money in the bank we will no longer have any difficulties deciding how to spend it and we will be spared the endless debates involved with that. But barbinhas is a man of honor so having stolen the money he will proceed to reward those that were faithful and those that voted for him with a share of it...

barbinhas CP o/

Defense and Military:

Having no more money to mount an effective resistance, we will no longer be able to mount a proper resistance so we will not be fighting for Portugal, instead we will be fighting for Spain to save everyone the money for traveling...

barbinhas CP o/


barbinhas will be making new games and contests for everyone in an effort to bring us closer together as a community and help us bond for together we are strong. Most anticipated is the ePortugal beauty pageant with the winner getting to spend a day with the contest judge barbinhas.

barbinhas CP o/

So I urge you all to vote barbinhas in the upcoming CP election. Chose the RIGHT path and vote RIGHT for barbinhas CP o/
That is the path I will be following, for I will be voting RIGHT for barbinhas CP for an ePortugal we deserve.

We are still looking for people to join us on the campaign trail and offer their services to help in the barbinhas administration. Please apply soon, the positions are limited. (those in the government will get a bigger cut of the stolen money 😉 ).

Also, a fund will be set up with barbinhas to bribe the electorate for votes, donate now and be compensated threefold for your donation by government money after the election is over. I've donated my share, donate yours NOW.

barbinhas CP o/

She will be voting barbinhas 😉

barbinhas CP o/

bringer of Truth

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barbinhas Day 1,903, 06:11


Passos Coelho
Passos Coelho Day 1,903, 06:15

barbinhas CP o/

Voted and Loled

Mr. Scrat
Mr. Scrat Day 1,903, 06:21

The tinny-bear mene! \o/

CaioMario Day 1,903, 06:32


Alvaro  Cunhal
Alvaro Cunhal Day 1,903, 07:05

olha o raspão a cortar-te a barba 😃

John Bokinski
John Bokinski Day 1,903, 07:07

Looks like a plan. The best one so far, still waiting on Arthk though...

HK416 Day 1,903, 07:16

Go Barbedos! x D

balianx Day 1,903, 09:04

Barbinhas a CP, entry fee para todos \o/

risilva Day 1,903, 09:14


Golpito Day 1,903, 10:07

Eu tenho a Barbinhas Fever ! : O

Portvcalem Day 1,903, 11:30

barbinhas CP o/

Voted and Loled x2 😃

JustRunpt Day 1,903, 14:33

dat girl voting...

Pottermore Day 1,904, 09:50

barbinhas CP o/

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