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Estonia without the Country President? [EDIT!!!!] We will have one!

Day 1,904, 00:50 Published in Estonia Estonia by Mixliarder

EDIT: Erksos is now unbanned (poor multies!) and he is back in elections! 😃

Dear friends,

I am not sure if you have noticed, but... we will not be having Country President in February. I am astonished.

Please enter here and check yourself:

Erksos is temporarily banned, and due to that fact (probably) he was deleted(?) automatically by eRepublik from elections - that's what I suppose.

What does it mean for Estonia?

There are 2 cases and I am not sure which one concerns our situation.

Scenario 1. We will not have an ability to attack countries (Finland, huh) when we want, everything will be done automatically, which is pretty bad things. But...

Scenario 2. I am not sure, but there's a possibility, that if there're no candidates for presidental seat, then next CP will be CP from last month. I've heard about it, but I don't know if it's rumour or not.

Whatever happens, we have to keep close together and fight against our common enemies. And remember - do NOT use multipple accounts. Never ever. 🙂
Choose wisely.



Viskaja Day 1,904, 01:59

I think Scenario 2 is more likely to happen.

Mixliarder Day 1,904, 02:02

Yeah me too, I hope so..

Margooni Day 1,904, 02:13

I think no CP is better than the last one - it can do LESS damage... So it doesn't much matter which scenario it is, result is pretty much same shit : )

Mixliarder Day 1,904, 02:20

Such a pity there's no "vote comment" button xD

The Killer Wind
The Killer Wind Day 1,904, 02:42


Enrii Lindebaum
Enrii Lindebaum Day 1,904, 04:09

Yeah we noticed long ago and laurifederal will continue as president.

ilakott Day 1,904, 04:52


Enrii Lindebaum
Enrii Lindebaum Day 1,904, 10:11

Disregard that, erksos back in competition.

Mixliarder Day 1,904, 10:26

Yeah, I dont know how, haha.

Erksos Day 1,904, 10:30

Sorry to disappoint you all.

I.See.Wiener Day 1,904, 14:01

ma juu ütlesin et ta tuleb tagasi ...
little bird told me he's coming back and he did : )

nutty fox
nutty fox Day 1,906, 00:22

Im sure Poland will send you a CP shortly.

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