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eRevelations. The whitish Notebook.

Day 1,878, 15:24 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Alphabethis

eRevelations. The whitish Notebook.

(Nonsense 1, babbling 1, rant 1) In the beginning it was the Dove, the
Sword and Horseshoe and the void that engulfed the three of them. (N1,
B1, R2) But the Dove moved its head to and fro and, with a big sound
like blo-TOP, IT shat a great Dung. (N1, B1, R3) Blo-TOP, the name of
the Dung, stirred because it was filled with the life of the Dove (N1, B1, R4)
For millenia, the Dung stayed motionless in the void close to the
Dove, till the odor stinked the nostrils of the Sword and the
Horseshoe. (N1, B2, R1) The Sword raised a helpless lament and assert:
(N1, B2, R2) - Thou will depart from our void and you both will reach
the realms of imbecility and stinkness.
(N1, B2, R3) The horseshoe, disgusted too by the epic odor, moved in
desdain and hit the Sword and two sounds were created:
(N1, B2, R4) -Ding , Dong.
(N1, B2, R5) So, the Ding, Dong, Dung existed along the Dove, the
Sword and the Horseshoe.
(N1, B3, R1) But, the Ding, the armony of the eUniverse, the source of
all laughter and music altered the Dungy nature of the Blo-TOP so
that it started to shiver till it divided into two: Blo and TOP.
(N1, B3, R2) And the Dong, the origin of every spoken word, produced
a reverb in the Blo, and thus, the Blo spoke:
(N1, B3, R3) -Bobblobloblob
(N1, B3, R4) And the Dong produced another reverb in the TOP, so the
TOP spoke:
(N1, B3, R5) - Unity - since TOP missed the Dovish unity of
the Dung, since they were split by the Ding.



Spite313 Day 1,879, 01:56

Have you considered psychiatric help?

Samoss The Great
Samoss The Great Day 1,879, 04:19

Nice Battle chess reference o7

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,879, 04:56

He doesn't need it Iain, great read as always Alpha...needs more naked chicks but that aside I did enjoy it

: D

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,879, 07:10


LiquidIce Day 1,879, 12:07

You need serious help...

CptChazbeard. Day 1,879, 14:00

Nonsensical, rambling...made me laugh! \o/ Voted and shouted. We need moar funny!

Horice G Fossil
Horice G Fossil Day 1,880, 13:49

You sir are in the wrong party!

Horice (:

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