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Day 1,087, 11:37 Published in South Korea USA by resita2009

What do we offer?

Want to attract more readers to your articles?
Your articles never reach top10, because some trash articles pushes it down?
Have you ever though how great it would be if there was a group of eRepublik players ready to get your article to the top quicker and cheaper than in citizen ads?
This is why we've created eRepublik Voters Club!

With our help your article will reach top10 articles and more people will read it!

How do we get thoses votes?

We have voted over 500 articles so far and we've made ten thousand votes!
Our club associates more than 250 people and it's still growing. All that is made for you, to give you ability to get lots of votes just for small fee.
We don't have farms of multies, we are real people, who vote articles for a small fee.

How much does it cost?

Full price list can be found aici AICI
The cheapest option - 50 votes can be buy for only 0.4 !
Of course you can buy more votes: 100, 150, or even 200.
We also offer subscribing of a newspaper.

How to make an order?

Step 1) Fill this form (with article link and your profile name)
Step 2) Pay money to this players
Step 3) Wait (it will take few minutes to few hours) till moderator accepts your order
Step 4) Observe progress of your order online. Example

How do we know that our members don't cheat while voting?

When you make your order you will get a link to a place where you will be able to check status of your order.
In our organisation every workers must enter number of their votes. If any of our members enter strange or duplicated number, he will be banned for cheating.
You can verify by yourself if votes are real or not, this Exemple



SergiuSky Day 1,087, 12:09


Wladimir Rascian
Wladimir Rascian Day 1,087, 13:57

This is against ethics of journalism.
It will be even harder to reach top news when you sell your service to a buch of noobs and trolls.


Let me tell you something, some people would sell their own parents for gold.
I will never deal with these folks, not a single decent man should.

Sirius Padfoot Black
Sirius Padfoot Black Day 1,087, 14:02

This is so bad and pathetic.

phantom lynk
phantom lynk Day 1,087, 22:25

Ya this is a disgrace

R.I.P.ER Day 1,088, 00:32

@Wladimir Rascian:
I don't know how normal mean of advertising can be non-moral. You should check what kind of articles are voted there. Spam and poor performances are not accepted. Furthermore, what is point of writing articles? A journalist wants to get respect or help other players. Consequently, spending money on arts that are poor is just waste of them.Moreover, votes from this organization are not enough to make an article reach the top, so an art must be good anyway.

karockai Day 1,088, 05:36

intention is good or no, this is absolutely manipulating the press.

resita2009 Day 1,096, 11:25

Nu-i asa ca ti-ai dorit ca articolele tale sa aibe cat mai multe voturi sau ziarul tau sa aibe cat mai multi subscribe? Aici

VeRS_o7 Day 1,099, 08:05

I say this is ufair 5golds is MM medal but u offer 500 sub-s for 8.8 i dont know how do we small players with small accounts will ever succsed...

Turtle Ship
Turtle Ship Day 1,103, 13:38

이것도 장사가 되다니..ㅋㅋㅋ

nevermind89 Day 1,174, 09:09

Comment deleted

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