eRepublik suggestions

Day 3,163, 04:01 Published in Republic of Moldova Indonesia by ABeR1
This article is written in English in order to reach as many players as possible and get as much feedback as possible.

For a few years now eRepublik struggles with one important problem:

The gap between the old players and the new players.

Here's my 2 cents.
No matter what trick or what packs you will use, no matter how many times you re-boot the system using different fighting levels (land, air, sea) at some point there will be a gap between an old player and a new player.

My solution is easy but I haven't seen it around.

You should TEAM UP 2 players - an old one and a new one.
Each round of a battle should have a "players pool" similar to the "pool" in the Resource War. Weak and strong players (determined by a combination of strength and rank) could be found in the "waiting pool".
Everyone could have an option (a checkbo in the personal profile in order to use the "team / pairs" system.
Once you start to fight the damage generated would increase for each member of the pair.

So yeah, you still can fight as one but it would be more "profitable" to fight as a pair.
Let's take this example:
- weak player - hits 20 times
- strong player - hits 200 times

The strong player could receive:
- a 10% bonus for each personal hit with a Q7 weapon (because he fights in a team)
- 20*(personal hit with a Q7 weapon) - as an extra bonus of how much the weak player fights

The weak player could receive:
- a 10% bonus for each personal hit with a Q7 weapon (because he fights in a team)
- 200*(personal hit without any weapon) - as an extra of how much the strong player fights

Also there could be Team epic threshold.
If the strong player hits more than X times and the weak player hits more than Y times any hit done after will count as an epic hit - x2 prestige points.
Only one member of the team cannot reach the epic threshold.

The experience inhibitors would be removed and the players must be rewarded for fighting more.

Actually the rewards for the team and the team bonuses can be chosen on different criteria but the main idea would be that a strong player can team up with a weak player resulting in an increase of both players' damage.

Also, the Military Regiments should play a far more important role.
At this point is doesn't matter if you are in a military unit of 1 or of 300 soldiers.
It doesn't matter if in a battle from a regiment fights 1 or 300.
It should.
It should matter.

At least the Battlefield Objectives could be used again for Regiments.
Each day the Regiment commanders could deploy the objectives and the soldiers fighting there could receive a few energy bars bonus. Or maybe +10 extra energy for the rest of the day... Something to motivate the players to fight together... once more.