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eRepublik's politics for eMalaysians [Part 1]

Day 1,840, 05:15 Published in Malaysia Malaysia by Firebourne

Today, I've decided to write an article to explain about how politics generally function in eRepublik. Please note that the explanation in this article about eRepublik's politics is not a true reflection of real life politics. The actual systems in real life will differ to the ones you find in eRepublik.

Social Orientation

The leader has the absolute control of decisions in every aspect of the game, either by control or by political puppets (proxies) or by submission of the people working for him/her. It is a typical dictatorship system and it is highly bureaucratic.

The leader makes the ultimate decision, but it is consulted with a small group of elites within that organization. The elites generally will be people the leader himself will trust. Similar to totalitarianism, a typical authoritarian group tend to seek control of every aspect of the game.

It is a ruling system which is democratic. People who are in charge of their respective duties are free to make their own decisions independently, so long as it does not go against the will of the people or the laws. Everyone in charge will have their own duties within the framework of the game.

Highly participative politics. A government does not exist or the government is there only to administrate certain decisions. The decisions are made based on feedback received from the people and the people are totally free to pursue whatever battle they want. Tends to seek public referendums every time the congress needs to make a decision.

The end of part 1.




Nerzhu1 Day 1,840, 05:26


MiVEX Day 1,841, 03:17


Greatmoff Day 1,841, 04:32

In erepublik there is very little or most likely no difference between the parties based on their social orientation.

Good article though.

Firebourne Day 1,841, 05:27

Thank you Greatmoff. It is kinda sad in a way that these "orientations" are redundant in the game, since they are just mere labels. The mods should probably put in place features available with certain "labels".

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