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eRepublik Official Summit 2012

Day 1,827, 03:01 Published in by Plato

It's been 1,826 days. During all this time, we've seen alliances form and countries conquered. We've seen unexpected wars beginning, leaders rising and falling and heroes giving their best for the welfare of their communities. We've seen the world's map constantly changing and we lost nights trying to keep our territories intact.

During all this time, we've all been side by side constantly helping each other to improve the game. We are grateful for your dedication and we would be honored to have you by our side during the celebrations!

We are happy to invite you at eRepublik's Military Summit 2012, on December 8th, in Bucharest, Romania. We will celebrate together the achievements and the friends we've made thanks to the game, and we will also take a look forward and establish together next year's development strategy. After the summit we will be celebrating together 5 years of eRepublik by throwing the greatest party the New World has ever seen. We are preparing many surprises including gold giveaways, sneak peeks into our 2013 roadmaps and many more.

Last but not least, eRepublik is offering free accommodation for 20 participants for the whole duration of the summit. The spots will be awarded randomly to participants who register until day 1833 2:00 eRepublik time.

In addition, check out our event agenda here:

Looking forward to seeing you in Bucharest!

The eRepublik Team



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