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eRepublik Analyzer - Production Rentability

Day 1,833, 14:10 Published in New Zealand Uruguay by Leo de Salto II

Hello, I am Leo de Salto, originally, a citizen of eUruguay but a couple of days ago I decided to move here ^^

This is my first article in New Zealand and what I will talk about is the new erepublik analyzer feature(For those of you that dont know wat erepublik analyzer is, I will explain it in the bottom of the page).

So, what is this new feature? Well, is a Production Rentability calculator, basically, it sais you, if selling a product in certain country is or is not rentable.

This is its link:

As you can see, its quite simple to use, you just select the country you want and the rest is automatic.

For each product, it shows you:

Benefit for own employment - This is, how much you earn by your own. Without having any worker

Earning per worker - This is, how much you earn by having only one worker.

Earning per all workers - And this, show how much you earn with all the workers a factory can have.

Certanlly a fine tool, but I notice some problems.

1- I notice that for calculating the rentability of a product, it uses the raw price and the salaries in the work market(and maybe some other factors). But, in a country like eUruguay, where there are no working offers at the momment(yes, sad but true), the Earning per worker and Earning per all workers does not work, they do not display anything, they should, at least, use the minimun salary in that case.

2- It does not consider that you produce your own raw, in witch case, you migth earn more than if you buy it from the market.

Anyways, a very good tool.

And now, for those that do not know erepublik analyzer, what is it?

Is a very complete webpage with a lot of tools that can help you in the game.

One of the most notable is the BH Finder. It helps you to find battles where you could win a BH.

It also has a marketplace ranking which shows the best prices in the eWorld, a job ranking which do pretty much the same but showing the best job offers.

A market graph that shows the fluctuation and evolution of product prices across the time, and a gold price graph taht do the same but with the gold price.

And well, thats pretty much all, hope you find this usefull ^^

Leo de Salto


Profeta ERIC
Profeta ERIC Day 1,833, 14:20


Chukamika Day 1,833, 16:47


mwolf Day 1,834, 04:41

Nice article
very usfull 🙂

Edmond Rothbard
Edmond Rothbard Day 1,834, 13:34

Thx! I like this page!

DOBRSbanovani Day 1,834, 18:59


Endru Martin
Endru Martin Day 1,834, 22:53

nice, В+С

Sawayne Day 1,876, 09:20


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