eRep International meet 03-08-2019, Zadar, Croatia

Day 4,245, 12:10 Published in Croatia Croatia by Rabbit of Caerbannog

Dear all,

So, the time has come, article about big international eRepublik meeting is out! 😃

Where: Zadar, Croatia
When: 03-08-2019, Saturday

What's the plan now:
1st, for me is important to know the numbers..
Please put in your comment, from 0-100% - info about your arrival. Those with 100-85% will be taken into account, to find a suitable place and organise food / drinks / games 😃
Those who are not sure & put under 85%, please ping me additionally in next 2 weeks, via ingame PM in case if you manage to come.

For you:
1. to check your calendars and write down Zadar in it 😃
2. And search for / find accomodation 😉
3. Comment here
4. When you catch time, shout on your walls 😉

+ If you are from Zadar and know someone who is renting apartments/rooms, or can recommend one of camps in Zadar, also please comment, as I already got some questions about it 😉

Depending on the numbers, we have 2 scenarios, more about it in the next meeting article 😉

Thank you all!
And hope to see & meet you in Zadar 😉

P.S. the excuse "But, I don't know anyone" is not acceptable 😃
Without a little craziness and wish for having fun we wouldn't be here, so at least you will have 2 common things with rest of us 😉


Links: (EN, Zadar tourist board we (HR) (EN, Croatian national tourist board)