eRep Econ 101 | TL;DR

Day 5,791, 09:26 Published in USA Croatia by Janko Fran

Me: Who took all the Sky & Battle Hero cookies?
Also me: It SUCKS!

eRep: Give me all your money!
eCitizen: Sure, here's all my money, just give me the packs!
Boney M: Ma Baker [♫ shuffle dance mix.]
Me: Click on the image above to play the video.

eRep: Power Spin!
Me: Do I feel lucky?

Me (...After spending on Power Spin more than I wanted...): This sucks!

eRep: Buy Game Tokens!
Me: ...??? Cookies...?

And Powerpacks!
Me: 🤔...

You: 🥵😍🤑💰💸💲?

Janko Out

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