ERA's Defence Policy Revealed

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Gday Australia,

The long awaited first policy of the eRepublik Alliance has been discussed, and voted on, our policy on our Defence and Military. For too long, we have seen our military in its dysfunctional form. There is little motivation and this effects our performance on the battlefield. Change has been talked about by many, but with no real plan. I present you ERA's plan:

ERA's Defence Policy

he eRepublik Alliance wishes Australia's military to follow a Semi Private model. This gives soldiers freedom and responsibility, while enabling the Government to have its own on call squad and the ability to introduce new players into the military. The cost of the model is a lot cheaper than the current system used by the government. This will be formally known as the, SPMM (Semi Private Military Model).


The SPMM has been constructed with the following in min😛

RECOGNISING the high costs in maintaining 200+troops
ACKNOWLEDGING that Australia will not be fighting daily in wars
KNOWING the need to train and maintain low level soldiers and have an on call tanking unit

The SPMM will be divided into 2 sectors, the Public Sector and the Private Sector.

Public Sector

The government will only maintain the following units, a 10 man squad of Dropbears (subject to change) and an unlimited amount of Boot Camp recruits (subject to qualification and funds).


The Dropbears will consist of the 10-20 highest damage soldiers in Australia, and those who have proven themselves to be loyal to Australia. This loyalty should be judge upon by the Military Marshal and the Prime Minister of Australia. The Dropbears will be an on call military unit, deployed regularly to protect Australia and her allies at home and abroad. Activeness is essential and weapons will be provided by the government.

Boot Camp

The Boot camp will have no limitations in terms of numbers under the SPMM. The goal will be to get soldiers above a total damage (with a Q5 weapon) of 50 into and thus, all soldiers under total damage of 50 are eligible.

Private Sector

The private sector will cover those in between Boot camp and Dropbear status. Citizens should form their own squads, with size, structure and organisation of the squad up to the squad members. This does mean citizens can enter a 1 man 'squad'. Those who wish to be entered into the Defence database of private squads can do so on request to the MoD. Entering the defence database enables squads to be offered a government contract, and squads of more than 1 are entitled to a forum on the official Australian boards.
The government will hold a list of all squads, and they will be ranked according to total damage that can be dealt and efficiency to deal this damage. This efficiency will be found by organising a battle, and monitoring all damage being dealt by squads using API feeds. The amount of times this is done is at the MoD's discretion.

Deployment of the Private Sector
The MoD can provide a contract for a battle/war to a squad, They will be provided with gold and/or weapons to fight for at the government's request. Justification of this choice must be made public.

Government Control of Private Sector
The government will have the following powers of squads:
-Can request them to not fight in battles, home or abroad.
-Will have read only access to squads with forums.

A breach of these orders can result in punishment at the MoD's discretion.

The government will only hold a Q1 and a Q5 weapon company and retain its Iron company.

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Dropbears: The Dropbears has lost its aura, and if your strong enough, anyone can join. We want to bring the greatness of the name Dropbears back to Australia, and thus making only a very limited number of soldiers Dropbears, and they must prove they are loyal to Australia. The Dropbears should be a force our enemies tremble if they have not fought yet, and our allies breathe a sigh of relief, knowing the Dropbears will be there, on call.

Bootcamp: Getting new players into the military will be a great way to teach and rank them up fast. There is no limit for the number of Bootcamp soldiers, but there is an eligibility criteria.

Private Sector: This is the main change from our current military structure and the private sector will cover the middle band of soldiers, between Bootcamp and Dropbears. In our SPMM citizens make their own squad, and soldiers can choose what squad they join. Squads are free to run themselves, and thus will provide weapons to their soldiers and motivation, which is VITAL for Squad leaders to qualify for a contract from the government when war is on. The MoD and AMM will hold a list of official squads, that is, squads that have a forum on and agree to the terms of being a squad and they will be ranked by the total damage they can do, and the efficiency to produce this damage. As squads can be of 1 man, you can choose to fight alone, in which, your efficiency will be high, but your total damage will be low. Likewise, you could have 50 members in your squad, but you may have a low efficiency. Finding the balance and limit of your squads resources is crucial.

Companies: We will hold our Q1 and Q5 weapon company and sell our Q3 company to a squad. This is because Q3's will be rarely used by the government squads, and if they are needed, can be purchased irregularly off the market. We will retain our Iron company for a backup supply of Iron if needed.

Any Questions? post below.

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