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And so it begins.

Just as I tried to tell you nearly two weeks ago, EZC juggernaut Deepchill has finally announced intent to run for POTUS. And with monolithic endorsements already coming in from former and beloved Presidents, it's going to take a huge name to even contend with the sheer threat Deepchill presents.

But thankfully, this colossal clash for the country's most coveted button-pressing job will be as stunning a battle as anyone can imagine, because the challenger going head to head against Deepchill is none other thaaaaaaan...


Wait a second, that can't be right. Hold on, dear reader, let me quickly scan the top 5. This'll just be second.

Mmk, let's see. Five days until the CP election and we've got... hmmm... Gnil article, always good. WHPR is at the top, that's nice. DoD too. Some shit Franklin wrote, who cares. And Mike Ontry's stuff.

...seriously? I must've missed something. Lemme dig further.

Ah geez, really? That's it? Well there's gotta be something on the next-

Oookay, nevermind.

Well... shit. Really? Not even a joke candidacy? Not even Oblige saying he won't run? Nothing? I mean, not anything?


Alright, look people: I get that Deepchill's cool. Sure, not the best writer, but a solid understanding of the mechanics and an unwavering dedication to the cause more than make up for that. Deepchill's good. Not great, necessarily, but pretty gosh darn good.

But... there's really no one else who's gonna run? We don't have a single person left who really wants to run for POTUS this December?

I mean, what happened to last month? We had a great election. It was the first time in months the number of total votes cast went up. I tracked the trend myself, and last month we had 768. The numbers have kept going down; we've been losing players everyday. But last month, between Gulya and Oblige, we had an increase.

And this month... what, it's just gonna be Deepchill jacking off against himself in all the primaries?

Listen: elections, specifically CP elections, are one of the greatest ways to get people involved in the game. If we keep just handing it to people, what's the friggin point? Where's the excitement? New players are gonna come, they're gonna ask who's running, and we're just gonna tell them "don't worry, it's already decided, this dude's got it." Where's the engagement with that?

We have to start forcing interesting elections. We can't keep up this shit of just having the same old people doing the same old jobs. I get that it's nice being important and having titles. I love titles. Titles are great. Titles are titillating. But what's the point if we just hand em out like candy on Halloween? Where's the fun in that?

Gnil has done a wonderful job of talking about the mechanical reasons this game is dying, everything from economic malarkey I'll never be able to fully wrap my mind around to social issues. But I wanna talk about the heart of us, and we've lost.

We have lost our competitive spirit. It's all just agreeing with one another now.

The SoH race is agreed upon.

Deepchill as December CP is agreed upon.

We're all so complacent. "The game's dying, who cares?" Well, it's that sort of apathy that completely turns away what few new players even try to stick around. We are partially to blame in the decay of the game. New people aren't getting experience, old people are so entrenched that there's no turnover. I mean for Dio's friggin sake, Oblige is a seven term POTUS.

Was that Plato's fault? Or did we let that happen?

Did we let ourselves becomes so used to the way things are that we just don't care anymore? Why play anymore? WHERE IS THE FUN, PEOPLE?

Do you like this? Just going month to month, nothing really interesting happening. People basically being assigned to CP, signing up to run for congress being more an inconvenience than a respectable job. Is that what's fun? Sure, we've found the right moves to make on the chessboard, but where's the heart? Where is the reason others want to even join in?

We're the kid in the corner, right now, who's made up all these rules for how we do things. And anyone new who tries to get in on that is viewed like an idiotic outsider. Is this what we want? Do we just want to shuffle through the game's ending, giving people POTUS just cus, well, I mean, I guess they're the best option?

Where is the fight?

Where is the vim and vigor?

Deepchill is a good person, and I have no doubt that a Deepchill presidency will be a good one. But don't want options? Don't we want to make Deepchill work for this? To make it worthwhile?

What is the point of being Country President if there's no prestige or fun left in it?

We're at a turning point in the game here. We can give up, the way we have been. We can just surrender, forget everything, and watch the game slowly die. Or... we can try. A long time ago, in the game's early dawning, there was a group led by a man. They had a vision, and they changed the face of the game, the way its played. Dio and Pakistan were a movement against the monotony of the game, and when S.E.E.S. came along it was because they were a movement against the pompousness of our height.

We need a new movement. Do not go gentle into that good night. Old age should burn and rave at close of day; rage, rage against the dying of the light.

It ain't gonna happen with one person. I'm certainly not the one to do it. I'm just some guy who can't win and writes alright articles. It's gotta be someone else. It's gotta be you.

SSDD, RIP for you and me.