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ePakistan Today

Day 1,714, 12:01 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Saif Ali Khan

Hello today i am posting the data of ePakistan.

Percentage of our citizens , fighters , tanks and influence .

Last week's fighting stats.

Top military units by tanks and influence , Top citizens by tanks and influence.

Thanks for reading and if you like then vote and subscribe.

-Saif Ali Khan



Touche Awaay
Touche Awaay Day 1,714, 14:48

vote and sub i like your statistics keep it up \o

Sparkfyre Day 1,714, 15:13

V + S 🙂

vrsoldiers Day 1,714, 15:51

nice... n feeling much better to see myself up there 😛 voted!!!

Innocent Killer
Innocent Killer Day 1,714, 18:07

v+s...... where these guys was hidden be4 if ePakistan have such talent previously..

Ther0n Day 1,714, 18:41

good job

Axpaaz Day 1,714, 21:55

nr 1 one oO

Jazy28 Day 1,715, 03:30

Im not in the tanks?? strange...

jebach u mutnom
jebach u mutnom Day 1,715, 06:17


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