eOLYMPIC GAMES - Belgium 2013 [Results of Triathlon + Event 4]

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eLadies and eGentlemen,
I have the honor to present you the official results of the third event of the eOlympic Games hosted by eBelgium and sponsored by the Government and the Congress of eBelgium: Triathlon!
71 athlete participated, and I am afraid I have to tell you that we had the first disqualification for using steroids. The player received yellow card, if he uses steroids again in the future, he will be disqualified from the Games.

Here are the full individual results:

Congratulations to the best, their awards will be given tomorrow on a medals ceremony, together with the awards for the participants in the second event, SWIMMING. The medals ceremony for SWIMMING was postponed due to absence of one of the top 3 players - he is on vacation. Congratulations to all participants - you're all winners! Here are the best results:

The results by country:

And the medals table:

All you have to do is:
2. Click on Quick Shot (not Tournament - results you post from the Tournament won't count)
3. Click on Skip
4. Using your mouse or touchpad try to score as much goals as you can
5. Use the arrows to move left/right/up/down to change the point of view
6. Try as often as you want
7. Once you are happy with your result, make a Print Screen (PrtScrn) of your best result,
Paste the picture of the screen in a program like Paint or upload it directly if you have LiteShot installed.

Save it and fill in this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Y5LsJwdBnYbLj-EUp_D3G-nLXVd5uFD1RmKt_vk21OQ/ before 08:00 PM CET on Wednesday July 17th.
The screenshot should look like this:

Your high score is what is important, so don't hurry to fill in the form, try one more time! And - please do not fill the form twice. If you make better result after you will the form, send me a message ingame, otherwise...

PLEASE DON'T SEND ME MESSAGES, FILL OUT THE FORM: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Y5LsJwdBnYbLj-EUp_D3G-nLXVd5uFD1RmKt_vk21OQ/

and don't forget to:

President of the International eOlympic Committee

eOLYMPICS [Results of Triathlon + Event 4]