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eNPR supplemental [11-16]

Day 1,824, 09:35 Published in USA USA by fingerguns

All the stuff n' stuff you may have missed!

Listen here:

Someone finally told me they can't hear what I'm saying in the show intro.

For some reason, it sounds fine to me, but I'll get to work on this to make sure it's clear to everyone.

Pfeiffer came on officially in a producer capacity. He's the Robin Quivers to my Howard Stern, although if I were anything like Howard Stern, I'd probably have more listeners.

Maybe I should start throwing lunch meat at Dr Luis. Or maybe some cow steaks.

Speaking of Dr 'Sexy Times' Luis, he was allowed back to audition for his job again. He ended up getting fired for the second time. Hopefully Tuesday goes better. lol

Fridays are supposed to be fundays, but we actually covered quite a bit of srs material.

First the countdown updates-

33 Days until the end of the world.

5 Days until Thanksgiving.

I decided what pies I am making. Nobody cares.

Sorry PigInZen, 'hair pie' isn't going to make it onto my table this year.

President Cerb joined us for pretty much the entirety of the show. I always love having him on. If he weren't the President, I'd give him Dr Luis' job.

Party President elections went well.
Congressional elections are right around the corner.

The AFA is the worst and we have a good laugh at Ajay's expense. Just another day at eNPR.

Listen here:

Fights with Brazil!

Surely you've read the President's article by now, but we are fighting alongside Brazil at the moment and I couldn't be happier. I know Brazil has a diverse population, but I think of them all as golden gods, and I don't care what they say about it. I proudly stand beside them, but I'd rather stand behind them so I can catch a glimpse of those sweet buns glistening in the hot Brazilian sun.


What's happening?

Oh hey.


Have I mentioned lately that I absolutely hate Unity elections?

I do.

I hate them with all my heart.

Listen here:

Dept of Homeland Security

The prize pool is up to 20g now and climbing for the design contest. There have been some amazing entries so far, but keep them coming in! You still have a few days this week to send me something to be considered.

I don't think I will be the one judging the winner because of who has entered the contest. I could TRY to be objective, but Fed love is for real.

We'll get a group together to judge so everything is fair and stuff.

Also, there was some really good stuff in the show about why we're doing this and some other info about DHS, so check it out here:

Avocados are awesome. I don't care what anyone says. I could eat them just sliced up or in a guacamole or like a zillion other ways. I love avocados.

What else do you want to hear on eNPR? This show is FOR YOU, so help make it what you want it to be by giving us feedback and submitting questions. It can be as silly or as serious as you'd like.

We managed to get a couple of audience questions during the show last night, hence the random talk of the glory of avocados. If you have questions you'd like to have answered, either by me, Dr Luis, Pfeiffer, or even President Cerb, shoot me a pm!

I don't really plan these shows way in advance, but I think on Tuesday we will probably be talking about Congress...not just the elections but like what Congress actually does, what they should be doing and what they can't do. I think it will be an interesting episode.

Tune in on Tuesday for the next edition of eNPR at 18:00erep time (9pm Eastern)!
Listen live and chat with us #eNPR

Submit your questions in the comments or send me a pm.

It's not too late to hear Friday's episode! Stream or download here

Thanks for listening!



Nizam l Cedid Day 1,824, 09:36

Comment deleted

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Day 1,824, 10:31

Poor Dr. Luis, guy can't keep a job

Ethan Seelowe
Ethan Seelowe Day 1,824, 11:04


Candor Day 1,824, 14:54

I liked this article quite a bit. More happy personality! Votado.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,824, 17:01


BritSeelowe Day 1,825, 16:50

I totally care about what kind of pies you are making! For Thanksgiving, I am going with the basic cherry pie. It simply sounds great. 🙂 So what pies are you making???

Avocados are awesome. Once upon a time, I had an avocado tree on my patio. Loved it.

fingerguns Day 1,825, 18:59

Brit! I'm glad you care. You'll have to check out the show! I cover it right at the beginning lol

Gonna be soooo good

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