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Day 667, 11:15 Published in USA Belgium by Kylero
Message from the President of the US Green Party


I am proud to announce today that the first installment of a new feature on the USGP website has been implemented. The eNoob Resource Center is now available for new citizens to get an idea of how this game is played and other resources that are not easily found. First off, I'd like to thank former Chief Recruiter Paper Boat for his hard work at gathering these resources for easy access! Secondly, I want it to be known that the US Green Party is a friend of the noobs and will make every effort to help any new citizen with any questions that they have.

To access the eNoob Resource Center, please visit:

Thank you, and as always...


US Green Party President


Paper Boat
Paper Boat Day 667, 11:21

when did i do that...

Kylero Day 667, 11:25

8/20/09 @ 3:31:57 PM...bra! 🙂

Paper Boat
Paper Boat Day 667, 12:46

so it seems.....

Jayko Day 667, 12:58

T_T i cant work cuz my helth is too low but i dont have moneys so i cant buy food and ive gone a cuple days without any and there arent any hospitals here!!!!!

Paper Boat
Paper Boat Day 667, 13:51

well first die, and resurrect. after that contact the gifting program and meals on wheels(links on the GP forum)and else where, after that maybe we could get you a moving ticket to Florida

Jahadyn Day 667, 13:53

A very welcome addition to the community!

bythemark Day 667, 15:21

Since so many new people quit, we need to publicize things like this.

Agree with Jahadyn! ...And, "CONGRATULATIONS!, Kylero!" To ALL 'Noobie-babies': Go to school and LEARN! Be NICE to the other children and don't hit them, unless they hit you first! (In that case, YOU TELL Jahadyn! (If he has to go out...I will babysit, awhile, but ONLY if you behave!) HAVE FUN, NOW!

Great Ape Products
Great Ape Products Day 667, 16:24

Too bad you have to register!

Paper Boat
Paper Boat Day 667, 16:28

you dont have to register to the forum actually, you see it goes straight to the log in/register page but you can actually go to the post by clicking the USGP forum tab people tend to miss that including myself a few times >_>

Vens1o1 Day 667, 17:01

i got a job that pays like 1 gold or something and i worked yet i didnt get any money. Did i do somthing wrong? or do i get paid tommarow or something?

Johnny Depth
Johnny Depth Day 667, 17:42

Super, a place for n00bs to ask questions...
My question is; why won't anyone aprove my US citizenship request without 'condition'? It seems strong-arming people for personal gain is part of the game.

Paper Boat
Paper Boat Day 667, 18:01

Vens1o1 get a new job, they cant pay you.

Paper Boat
Paper Boat Day 667, 18:04

jonny depth right now elections are coming up so most of congress has already given out most of their citizenship approvals, i suggest getting active with a party and contacting the parties congress(wo)men, i know you can contact the GP congresswoman astra kat g.

Domin Omni
Domin Omni Day 667, 20:50

You did get paid. 1 e4s dollar, and were taxed .20 of it netting you .80c or roughly 76% of the average cost of one days food. You seen a 0 still because there is no 'rounding' of you currancy. click your monies and youll see actual account balances... by the way, notice how i mention that the taxes are killing the poor? how about a minimum wage that is high enough that -tax one can still afford to eat that day? or do we need unions first?
~Domin Omni..still "hungry" while he waits for congress...

Jahadyn Day 667, 20:52

@Johnny Depth -- Care to relate the story of how you became a Russian citizen?

You are going to have a hard time getting US Citizenship right now, bro. Nothing personal, but let's just say -- your profile isn't exactly conducive to citizenship approval as it doesn't contain anything like friends to vouch for you.

Astra Kat G
Astra Kat G Day 668, 19:45

I just want to say that it turns out that one Senator wanted to get paid to admit Johnny Depth's citizenship and another would only do it if he joined their party! Ugh! Disgusting. Unfortunately, Johnny didn't save the mails, so I can't complain about it more loudly.

Just saying that I've already sent out a mail to get Johnny citizenship. He started out in Pennsylvania and that's why he has Russian citizenship.

Astra Kat G
Astra Kat G Day 683, 10:47

I like the new advertisement graphic. 😁

Kylero Day 683, 10:49

I'd tell you what its from, but a certain "celestial dollar" company might be upset 😉

Astra Kat G
Astra Kat G Day 683, 11:29

LOL! 😃

eitspiivii Day 683, 13:25

That site contains a virus according to avira.

Extorican Day 683, 15:31


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