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eNL fundraiser UPDATE

Day 1,752, 13:42 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Zeeuwsmeisje

SOON LIST WILL FOLLOW *** UPDATE *** 112,5 gold donated so far ***

Our country is facing some serious financial problems. Our government is doing what they can to find solutions. Dave Brinkman, our Minister of defense, is even running the state commune partly with his own companies, just to help out the citizens of the eNL. That is: you. So, what about you?

Let me rephrase my question: are we, the eDutch, the kind of people that lean back and look at the government for an answer? What about our pride as citizens of the eNetherlands?

I am not writing this article as part of the government, nor as congress member. I am plain and simple zeeuwsmeisje, a player who started about a year ago, invested mainly time and a little money in the game and got a lot in return from a lot of players. I do not want to sit back, I want to help my country and I call upon you to do the same.

Let’s chip in what we can spare. 10 gold, 1 gold, 0.2 gold… anything is welcome! All these small contributions will help further building up the state commune (Q7 weapon companies and weapon raw companies), which all of our soldiers will benefit from.

My personal donation will be 10 gold, if at least 10 people follow. Since my national rank is 27, it seems fair enough to think that at least 26 players should be able to do the same. To all new players: I do not want to see you invest gold which you need to upgrade your training grounds. To everyone else I would like to say: follow me please…

Please leave a comment below (stating how much you will donate), if the eNetherlands can count on you too!


How to donate? On the Monetary Market you will find an offer from Ministerie van Economische Zaken (buy NLG for 1 gold, about page 493). If you f.i. want to donate 2 Gold, you buy 2 NLG and pay 2 Gold). Make a screenshot of your donation and send the link to me pls, so I can keep track of the people who donated.



The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Day 1,752, 15:06

I support the State Commune and work in it

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,753, 08:37


Vlam Day 1,753, 23:57

just 112,5 gold. That ain't enough!!!! Chip in everybody!!

Zeeuwsmeisje Day 1,754, 07:21

130,5 binnen intussen en nog 9 toegezegd ...

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