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Day 1,846, 06:33 Published in New Zealand New Zealand by Tasmaryn



Kattiaa Day 1,846, 06:37

: ) nice sis, great work @}-}---

Adam V Pro
Adam V Pro Day 1,846, 09:16

I saw this before on some other website and I thought at the bottom there was a picture of obama and it had world's biggest liar or something

BugsBunnyz Day 1,846, 12:36

Woah!! cool stuff Tasmaryn!! 😃

Arn.Magnusson Day 1,846, 16:31

I wouldnt bet on JFK to b the busiest airport.I live near O' Hare International n I know for a fact that its the busiest one in US.Im not sure abt the world tho.
Anyway nice article.

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