Endorse + A LOTTERY!!! - EDIT: the winners are

Day 4,910, 00:24 Published in Switzerland Indonesia by Bodrexin Syrup

Hi guys,

I was thinking about a different type of “endorse me” article today so i came up with this idea.

Today we ll have A LOTTERY:

Here are the rules:

1. You are eligilbe ONLY IF YOU ENDORSE 100cc
2. By endorsing, you re assigned a virtual number that is your entry ticket
3. If you endorse any fewer ammount, you are not a participant
4. The parcitipations window closes at 23:59 this erep day
5. I will use random.org to get the winners
6. The list of winners will be announced tomorrow in this very article and their rewards will be delivered at that time

Here are the rewards:

1st place: 40 percent of the total sum of 100cc endorsements
2nd place: 30 percent of the total sum of 100cc endorsements
3rd place: 20 percent of the total sum od 100cc endorsements
4th place: 5 percent of the total sum of 100cc endorsements

and the remaining 5 percent is kept by the house🙂🙂🙂

God bless and have a lovely day,

EDIT: The prizes

There were 37 people who endorsed 100cc each which made the total of 3700cc.

The winners, chosen via random.org are:

1st prize - 40 percent or 1480cc goes to the donor no. 3: Azerbaijan Army
2nd prize - 30 percent or 1100cc goes to the donor no. 20: Hercule Poirot
3rd prize - 20 percent or 740cc goes to the donor no. 15: Kinzha
4th prize - 5 percent or 185cc goes to the donor no. 21: Idanr100


To honor the Greek Orthodox Easter of tomorrow, I’ve introduced one more reward, as a surprise. The funds are acquired thru the remaining endorsements:

5 percent of the 100cc ones, initialy kept by the house: 185cc
3x50cc ones: 150cc and
154x5cc ones: 770cc

totaling at 1105cc. I,ve bought 13 q7 tanks from the eCroatian market (my residence) and every endorser, out of 194 of them, had a chance to get them

Random.org chose: the donor no. 77: Radu1525

Even though one may dub the turnout a modest one, i want to thank everyone for their share of trust and wish you all prosperous days in Real Life.