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EN. Bulgaria, Russia , Poland and COT

Day 1,946, 04:02 Published in Poland Lithuania by LS HQ

First Vote &Sub

Hello dear readers. There is a lot of articles about this. Mostly of them in Russia or Bulgariapress. In Russia it is always crying that no one helping good enought to defend themself against bad Poland. In Bulgaria, that they are helping as much as they can in these circumstandes. Well as a man, staying behind from all of this, I want to tell you my own opinion, because I am not polish, russian or bulgarian.
First of all lets see at the begining of this war. The main reason to attack Rusia is the way to EDEN HQ China, who is an enemy of the COT and TWO. Am I right? Ofcorse if this wasn,t only diplomatic smoke screen and the main reason to attack Russia for Sir Marvin was only to toy with it.(If it is than well played). Russia ofcorse refuses, because that insults theyr warm feelings to China… and the war have began.
Ok lets stop by this point. 1 Month ago Russia have declared war on theyr old friend Iran only for bananas 🙂. And ofcores russians bear wanted to have a good war after 6 month winter sleep. How much COT could get from this war? Only bonuses for Russia. How much COT could get from Poland-China war? China is HQ of EDEN, and it,s not a big secret that a lot of Eden countries players creats weapons in all bonuses country like China. Like for example my MU tank companies are in Poland. (thanks guys:) ).
All this situation reminds me September 11 and terrorist attack on USA. After that USA declared war not just to Al quade, but also on Afganistan and taliban. Why? Taliban wasn,t responsible for terrorist attacks, but they were hiding terrorists with Osama Bin Laden and refused to give them to USA. In my opinion the same done Russia and now have to face the consequences.
Ok lets stop about who is bad or who is good and lets look about help and war after 1week. What we see? COT including Bulgaria and Macedonia are in hard times. Yeas COT declared neutrality in this war.(Like Russian declared neutrality in Bulgarian Greece war few month ago). But even of that, Bulgaria and Macedonia peoples fought bravely for Russia ,even have sacrificed all theyr own battles and original territories. And still Russia is not enough. How much help do you still need that you stop crying about not helping poor Russia? Do you think that Chine helped you to stand against Poland in the first days, even take some victories?
Russia it,s time to decide-you are EDEN or you are COT. You can,t be half white half black (maybe except in circus as a clown, but do you want to be a clown?). You said you want a good war for a long time-here it is a good war.🙂 If you would have been a good friend of Bulgaria, Macedonia and all COT, you should have daclered war on Chine by yourself. All TWO with polish husars would have halped you to take more land and bonuses. Think about that, when you writte another bad article about COT and awfull Poland.

White or black

Sincerely Giedrius-Wraith



ZygaLTU Day 1,946, 04:11

The idea of the article is good, but the English quality is one of the worst that I have seen in the game...

LS HQ Day 1,946, 04:21

I love you to Zyga, don,t cry:))

ZygaLTU Day 1,946, 05:41

Giedrius, don't get insulted, but you could at least have used spell-check : )

Thor III
Thor III Day 1,946, 08:01

Content is clear, so quality quality of English is not so important.

skeitas Day 1,946, 14:07

žygąGalva atleast you could learn some grammar

x d x m
x d x m Day 1,946, 06:13

it's still understandable 😉

LS HQ Day 1,946, 06:55

at least one supporst me,😁 the funny thing is that all who voted Zyga comment was all lithuanians and no one from outside who read article:)). ps: sorry ofcorse for english it,s not my national language, but lithuanians speeks usually beter english that theyr own:))

Gary RentZ
Gary RentZ Day 1,947, 06:38

since when was it a spelling test and also to use "but the English quality is one of the worst......." that my friend is pretty poor English

ZygaLTU Day 1,948, 14:29

What's wrong with it?

Léon Reno
Léon Reno Day 1,947, 06:42

I understood what does he mean, If he is not native speaker, I don't care his English skill as long as I understand it.

Bulgurs are gay
Bulgurs are gay Day 1,947, 10:30

Go Home, You're Drunk!

Povilas1989 Day 1,946, 04:14

Russia's Two-Faced Approach...


Akviliutte Day 1,946, 04:15


vejderr Day 1,946, 04:21

About Russia: they are fighting very hard for Asgard, Asgard is enemy of both TWO (Latvia, Estonia) and CoT (Lithuania). They are protecting China from Poland and signing MPPs with EDEN and proEDEN countries. Poland is no saint, but for fck sake, they earned everything what is happening.

Kauna Day 1,946, 05:17

Russia didn't have EDEN MPPs before your attack.

vejderr Day 1,946, 05:26

They had MPPs with Finland, Sweden and Canada.

Kauna Day 1,946, 05:44

None of those countries is EDEN.

vejderr Day 1,946, 05:57

well, I think you should re-read my first comment and this time pay attention to tense I have used.
I never stated that Russia had EDEN MPPs before our attack, you said 'they didn't have EDEN MPPs before' and I didn't disagree, right? I just said that before we attacked them, they had MPPs with Asgard and Canada (ex-EDEN, on trial in Asgard). Asgard is EDEN friendly, what's more they continuously endangered two members of TWO, and Poland had to involve personally to provide peace in Baltic area, who helped Sweden and Finland then? Russia.
Don't take my words as some sort of defending Poland, I am just trying to provide facts about Russia, cause lately many articles are ill-balanced, falsifying truth to put whole blame on Poland.

Kauna Day 1,946, 06:13

This is not a valid reason to attack them. You also occupy Germany, who are close friends to Russia. So you can do it, but Russia can't. And after all Russia are our allies and close friends and if you had any respect for us you would at least discuss this with us first. But you decided to show us the middle finger and do as you please, because you're almighty Poland. I am sorry, but I don't see you as an ally anymore.

vejderr Day 1,946, 06:21

Even thou many Bulgarians fought against Poland in our RWs and in direct war (Russia should be very thankful for such great friends, and yet they moan about being left alone lol) I still find Bulgaria amiable :_) CoT didn't know? I doubt it, Sir Marvin spoke about attack aloud before elections, everybody knew about it. From what I have been told, we tried diplomatic way, so did Hungary to claim oil region. Politics are dirty, we can't tell for sure what is true and what is hidden from us.

Btw, you just added another enemy on the Russian MPP list - Germany.

danisltu Day 1,946, 09:22

Well Assgard is pro EDEN. When Lithuania,Latvia and Estonia fought against Sweden and Finland, Russia helped them and at the same moment they declared that they are pro CoT.

no-c-turn Day 1,946, 09:18

Bulgaria have mpp with Germany. Thus, Bulgaria is your enemy?

vejderr Day 1,946, 09:21

It makes them less amiable 😛 Germany signed MPP with CoT countries and stopped their wars against Lithuania and Latvia, seems legit to me.

Jarfy Day 1,946, 13:02

No, all your arguments are invalid.
Russia has the MPP with Asgard?
Bulgaria has an MPP with Germany, the U.S. - with Germany and Albania - clearly a member of Eden.
So where is the Polish-Bulgarian and Polish - American Wars?

Thou say that the COT wants attack China.
The U.S. has a common border with it, Macedonia and Indonesia separated from him by one region.
They could go there at any time.
Consequently, they do not want a war with China.
Therefore thou are lying again.
Maybe thou should occasionally look at the map?

Let's go further.

Poland itself wants to come to China?
This is a problem only for a Poland, but not  for the COT and Russia.
But this can be solved by choosing a different way - through Iran, waiting until Russia frees Iranian regions.

Summing up.

What got from this attack TWO and the COT ?
China Resources?
No - only the civil war, the loss of allies and permanently defeats.
The whole thing has won only EDEN.
Thus, the actions of Poland - a direct sabotage and betrayal of your same allies - COT and other countries of the TWO.
However, this is normal behavior for Poland.

tost.a Day 1,946, 04:24

"Do you think Chine helped you to stand against Poland in first days," +1

BlMBA Day 1,946, 04:42


Lemurio Day 1,946, 04:46

Comment deleted

NKFV Day 1,946, 04:57

That's my opinion, too. Good article!

dark.templar Day 1,946, 05:09

Not all Bulgarians support Russia. I don't.

nimnul Day 1,946, 05:11

But do you support Bulgaria?

dark.templar Day 1,946, 05:13

Do you support Bulgaria? Does Russia support Bulgaria. It's actions say no..

nimnul Day 1,946, 05:27

Poland attacks Russia and you lose two allies - Poland (because they cancel your MPP) and Russia (because we are forced to resist the agression)
So this war is total loss for CoT and Bulgaria
Beeing neutral you just support it

dark.templar Day 1,946, 05:30

My country and CoT's intrest are for a war with China and they are above your's. If you were a member of CoT or even a trial things would be different, but they are not.

nimnul Day 1,946, 05:39

If war against China is more important for you than beeing allies with Russia then may be it's an excuse for us to rethink our attitude towards you.

NKFV Day 1,946, 05:48

great, it will be better for everyone Russia to choose side and stop playing like flirting chick

nimnul Day 1,946, 05:56

NKFV you insults are harmful primarily for you

danisltu Day 1,946, 09:25

He`s saying the truth since Russia doesn`t attack China. Russians had already chose their side - CoT. So if you`re not letting Poland to pass then it means you (Russia) is still pro EDEN

Georgian Wrestler
Georgian Wrestler Day 1,947, 07:25

Flausino CP and Bulgaria NE Russia(EDEN puppet) to get border with China \o/ : D

AdMiRaL TrEnCh
AdMiRaL TrEnCh Day 1,946, 05:13

I still do ask my self this question why didnt Poland attacked Russia when they were pro-EDEN and they decided now when they want to go pro-CoT ? hmmm 🙂

danisltu Day 1,946, 09:26

Maybe because they were busy with helping allies ? Before that Poland goal was to attack Turkey if you remember.

Stolch Day 1,946, 05:22

Comment deleted

cuihao Day 1,946, 05:23

Welcome to China ^^

nimnul Day 1,946, 05:36

The whole article is based on wrong assumptions so I see no need to refute it
The RL reminiscences about 9/11 and Taliban are extremely hypocritical and offensive for the country which is fighting against terrorism in RL

simust2 Day 1,946, 05:39

Author, you just don't understand this situation, sorry.

If you can read on russian or bulgarian language, try to do this right now (and don't forget to read old articles).

DANl1640 Day 1,946, 05:42

its about time for russia to pick a side..even it is past time for alliance decesions for russia.if u were in cot this war wouldnt have happened.i blame poland too for rushing this attack before all diplomatic solutions to be explored.

AdMiRaL TrEnCh Day 1,946, 05:13
I still do ask my self this question why didnt Poland attacked Russia when they were pro-EDEN and they decided now when they want to go pro-CoT ? hmmm

if u needed more than a year just to be pro-cot how many years would it take for full membership? hmmm

simust2 Day 1,946, 05:45

We don't want give a way to ANY country. Poland, Romania... it doesn't matter.

NKFV Day 1,946, 05:47

why? cause you have big "pride" and "dignity"? Where is the pride and the dignity in having MPPs with two enemy alliances?

DANl1640 Day 1,946, 05:49

this war was totally created more problems which could have been avoided.i understand your position on this

simust2 Day 1,946, 05:50

When Bulgaria was in ONE and Russia was in TERRA... there are was MPP between our countris. So tell me: it was wrong?

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