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Embassy to ePakistan

Day 1,968, 13:06 Published in South Africa Norway by Enriche2Ribeiro

Well good day all

I’ve asked to be the ambassador to ePakistan. As we focus on aligning ourselves with other small nations. It draws us to the country of ePakistan.

I firstly would like to show you there cabinet for this month.

The Cabinet: Of ePakistan

Country President: Shin Gouki
Prime Minister/HOC: TheJakal
Deputy Prime Minister: Somaka

Minister of Finance: Stol3n1
Deputy MoF: Untrusty

Minister of Foreign Affairs: TheCaliph
Deputy MoFA: Pending

Minister of Defense: Pak786
Deputy MoF: Shaqille

Minister of Media & Culture: Nyx Lynx
Deputy MoMC: Shin Gouki

Minister of Education:Sparkfyre
Deputy MoE: Strywgr

Extended Cabinet:

Minister of Accountability: ClusterStorms
Minister of BabyBoom: TheJakal/Shin Gouki
Minister on ATO: Stol3n1

Presidential Advisers:

Adviser on Military Affairs: Faris Khawaja
Adviser on Foreign Affairs: kami4u11
Adviser on Military Units: Scorpion King
Adviser on Intelligence: Strywgr
Adviser on Dioism: Dio Maximus

There are many interesting aspects of this eNation and we will be learning some more about the nation over this next term.

Kind regards
Ambassador to ePakistan
Handing out Naartjies in ePakistan



Vroteier9 Day 1,968, 13:31

Clever posting it as an article. Willa allow the regular members to learn about other countries & their happenings. I might start doing it for Switzerland.

Enriche2Ribeiro Day 1,968, 13:33

Thanks always feel lots of players never go onto forums

Vroteier9 Day 1,968, 13:35

yeah its a shame really

Grimstone Day 1,969, 00:57

Thanks for the info, Im sure there are many ppl who can make use of it

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,970, 06:04

good job o/

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