Ellection time!

Day 4,274, 11:19 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Ministerie van Media en Recrui

Dear citizens of the Netherlands,

The term is almost over and the prize pool of over 50,000 nlg.

The following articles are currently nominated.

1. Ottawa, we have a problem Published by Banglades
2. We're looking for the Vikings Published by Banglades
3. Why Rotterdam is better than Amsterdam Published by ElGorro
4. Important aspects of the game Publsihed by Banglades
5. Your favorite holiday destination Published by Janty F

The most important moment has therefore come were citizens choosing which article you liked best.

Voting is easy You give a reaction to this article with the name of the article you liked best. Votes are only valid from Dutch residents.

Let the election begin!


Your Home Affairs minister.

Koning der Zeeuwe

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