Elections (and a Lack Thereof)

Day 2,660, 17:50 Published in Czech Republic Czech Republic by milestailsprower


So my party did not think I was going to run again and nominated Jankhos as president because he asked. I noticed this too late because I am a big newb. It was a good run though, and don't worry, I'm not going to enact anything reckless in my final hours. Best of luck to your new president Jankhos. Thank you to the Czech Republic for allowing me to serve for these three months, and may you all find prosperity and freedom in the coming months.

Now. Dictators.

Choosing one of our people as a dictator would prevent PTOs. Would be rather unpleasant for some foreign MU to impose power on us. My final words to you are that perhaps, we should instate a dictator, whoever is willing to pay the 200k CC. There are obvious drawbacks of activity and democracy, but from a practical perspective, I think a dictator is doable.

I really have nothing else to really say, other than that you have not seen the last of me. Stay foxy my friends.~

Warm regards,