Election Review: Snipers Shoot and Zombies turn Human?

Day 523, 13:04 Published in USA Bulgaria by Jewitt
26 April, 2009 (Day 523 of the New World), as the ticket companies go back to putting their best model on whole sale and the populous reveres back from the hectic events that comes with every Congressional Election day, some questions remained unanswered.

Snipers take aim, some hit; many miss

Many snipers were out at 23:45 server time last night. Mjdiv (Libertarian) was sniped by supporters of the CVP candidate, Findy in Rhode Island. A similar case happened in Texas where Harrison Richardson was sniped by supporters of Libertarian-backed Acend. Also in Tennessee, our own Jewitt (UIP) was pulling ahead by 4 and the USWP candidate, a new player by the name "Thanatos the Great," magically obtained an additional 5 votes added to his name within five minutes.

Many snipers would fail, though they are hardly worth mentioning since it is kind of hard to tell. On the list of great sniper preventions, this definitely would have had to be NoneSuch (BA - UIP) in his close race against alleged multi-using Jeremy Hutchison (ASS). Or was it Hutchinson? One of those was the candidate, the other the sniper.

Now-Military Governor (Formal: Congressman) NoneSuch, stumbling from his close encounter and a sniper vote lodged in his shoulder, told The Report, "Fuck that cookie bastard." A true eAmerican, indeed.

Zombies....coming back alive?

Every Congressional Election, the term "zombie" is thrown around to talk about a candidate that "Three clicks." Work, train, vote. They do not partake in Congressional discussion and there really is no way of knowing if they voted or not.

In this, a question has arisen as to whether this is a good thing. On one of the spectrum, many people say that the power of the ballot is stronger than any words. On the other end (which this media institutional endorses for obvious reasons) there are those saying that the power to vote would never happen if voices never speak up.

Last month, it was criticized that Joshua Hoss (WI - UIP), a "zombie," would be a terrible candidate. Today he is one of the most active citizens there are. Another example would have to be Claire Littleton (NJ - UIP) who was a relative "zombie" and a "nobody" and is now the Press Secretary for the scrabman Administration, Deputy Speaker of the House, and alleged "hot momma."

RightCon Blunders, USWP trumps

RightCon, a coalition of right-aligned political parties to battle the mass which is USWP, has failed in their endeavor. With the intent to be able to unite and work together, they fought amongst themselves to kick out many of their brethren congressional candidates and will fail to nominate their selected Presidential nominee.

When asked about this, an unknown person in an IRC chat room said, "They're handing the Presidency to scrabman by not uniting. Serves them PIG DISGUSTING right."
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To do List:

Message your new Congressman and demand they keep in contact with you. If you don't know who your congressman is, go to this page and select your state.

Get active in your e-community and take the initiative. Talk to your fellow citizen, write articles, and get out there. This game is what you make it.

The Report will never ask anyone to vote, subscribe, or even make commentary. It also will never stop you from doing so.

-Michael Hunt, Senior Correspondent