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Election Day !!!! Oh Yes... it's that time again!!!

Day 1,832, 04:33 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Meklon Dramicus

Hai there glorious readers, welcome to Election Day!

It has reached that time of month to roll out the lounger, pop a couple of bottles of Ol' Special open and watch whatever crap TV they throw on while gingerly pressing refresh on the browser every 10 seconds!

I was going to put a new poast up last night, but unfortunatly my other half decided to get blindingly drunk and I had to rush her to hospital at midnight last night - so I'm a little baked right now. However, I feel obligated to drop at least this quick message... and sponsership... before I die for the day...

Now the UKPP have officially (once again) offered me to congress, to which I am grateful, so I'm hoping that all you people out there will take 2 minutes to drop your vote in for them and help make this a congress term of pure awesomeness not seen since the days of cyborg riding dinosaurs with machine guns...


So I hope to see you cast down for us today and bring about another good term. Unfortunatly, I have to go and crash now, but I'll be back later once my body has rebooted... so hopefully I'll see some of you awesome people on iRC later tonight... until then..

Oh wait... the list.... can't forget the next 10 names for the Touch a Person project... xD...

Master Hofkens
Cerberus Dex
Greg Bassett
Wile E. Wombat
Kain Propan
Lady Macbeth II

Thank you all... as a pastafarian, I give you my noodles on behalf of the FSM!


WayneKerr Day 1,832, 04:38

Meklon can into Congress \o/


Invalidation Day 1,832, 04:44

Good luck man!

BigAnt Day 1,832, 12:05


Good luck

lancer450 Day 1,832, 13:44

Vote UKPP!

Best of luck!

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