eIreland supports an eArmenia!

Day 2,270, 23:43 Published in Greece Armenia by Internetus Internetian

I am glad to report that Don Croata, the President of eIreland has given his countries support towards the Armenian Cause of adding an eArmenia. May this be a new history in the ehistories of Armenians working with eIreland and the Irish people on the game. Both Armenians and Irish in RL have experienced living in the diaspora due to invasions of foreign invaders. To celebrate this new relationship, I thought it would be interesting to put up two songs, one Irish and one Armenian, that show the revolutionary spirit of both peoples and our contempt of our conquerors. May there be many years of Celto-Armenoid relations!
Hail to Armenia! Hail to Ireland! Hail to all conquered peoples! Hail to all diaspora peoples! May all ancestral lands be ours once again!
Armenian Revolutionary Song

Irish Revolutionary Song

The International Armenian is a publication from the Beta Days of Erepublik. The goal of the International Armenian has remained unchanged in its dual goal of promoting the addition of an eArmenia and gaining support of an eArmenia; also the goal of gathering the Armenian community across erepublik. If you know any Armenians, please tell them of this paper or direct me to them. If you are interested in helping and supporting the Armenian Cause, please leave a comment or message me.