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eIreland Progressing Nicely - Part Deuce

Day 1,858, 16:02 Published in Ireland Ireland by Sean MacDiarmata

Hello Citizens of eIreland,

Some of the older players from eIreland and abroad will see the title and think I saw this before and they will be right, this is the second release of the system. I first released this site over a year and a half ago...original article - eIreland Progressing Nicely

Over the past few months I have been working on the Info Centre among other things and believe its ready for the second release, the last one I made had miles less available options site wise than the new one has.

The reason this took so long to do was that I had to come up with huge lists of information, documents, images and stats that will need to be placed on the site. One of the other issues was that at times when I thought I was finished some of the information like tutorials would be outdated and new ones thus needed to be sourced, thankfully that in eIreland and around the globe there is no lack of quality tutorials that players spend a lot of time working on for the benefit of others.

Like the last one at times I have been putting in 8-12 hour shifts to try get it done, which at times made me consider whether over the long term would it be worth having but since I have been paying for it for so long it would be stupid not to. Also the benefit long term for new players and the likes of Ambassadors looking for information on eIreland.

Whats on the Info Centre
Currently we have a lot more information currently on the site than previously and it will only get bigger, below is some of the information.

About - Information on the country, taxes, MPP's, Economy, Geography etc.
Parties - I have every party in the country listed with links to the likes of their forums, wiki pages and in game page.
MU's - Near every MU is listed here with information about them, forum, wiki and page links. Also given is the command listings like Commanders, 2nd Commanders and Captains all listed with direct links to all profiles.
Media - Here lists the important newspapers like the CP and his/her cabinet along with other top writers like Irasian for his guides and John Gormley for the daily jokes.
Tutorials - These are the main reason for the website, currently I have all of Irasians tutorials on the site along with one from Sean Power and some from Ian E Coleman. More will be added soon but can only do a certain amount a day.
Built-In Chat - When Seanan showed me his idea of the IA chat on their site on Monday I think it was, I said why can't we have the same on the site but linking to #Ireland. After a bit of work we got it along with instructions on how to use it for new players.

So What Now?
The website has been completed thanks to the help from Ian E Coleman, so its time for release to the public. Most would have seen the shouts and links on articles from the likes of Ian's latest article - MoE Library & Info Centre, this is the first article I am releasing about it.

With the ever changing game and country this will be a never ending job updating this site and I ask if anyone wishes to help with this please contact myself, it doesn't need to be updating the site itself. It can be linking me to good articles you think should be on it, making banners or logos that would be good for the site and near anything game and eIreland related that you can think of.

The domain and hosting are renewed till next Christmas so it may aswell be used for the reason I first though of the idea...and I said in the footer of the site "Created by Marcus Suridius for the Irish community".

Its for the community so I hope to see it being used, while passing it around to the international channels the feed back on it has been excellent and many nations have said how they would love to have something like this. Some nations have other sites for their country but when I first did this it was a first in the game and got other countries thinking of how they will help their nations in the future so we can say...eIreland came up with the idea for dedicated sites that you see around today. Info Centre

Have a look, see what you think. When using the site keep an eye out for anything you think it can do with having or any problems or mistakes you have seen and you can PM me and ill get straight on it.

Information Missing
When you use it, you will see for some MU's and Parties they are missing information or banners. This is due to myself not being able to find any, I pm'ed all PP's and MU commanders a while ago asking for the information needed but some haven't so this is why some information is missing.

As a final not I want to thank Ian E Coleman for the work he has put in with myself to get the site live, he has been a great help with banners and articles and wanted to thank him.

Thanks for reading Ireland and hope you like the site as much as I do,

Marcus Suridius
Soldier of Ireland
Unofficial Minister of Technology


Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,858, 16:04

Theres no better community than the screwed up Irish community \o/

MR. PADRAIG PEARSE Day 1,858, 16:11


Val3s OBrien
Val3s OBrien Day 1,858, 16:12


Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,858, 16:22

Very useful site. Good work.

Slider Day 1,858, 16:41


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,858, 16:49

Ronald O'Reagan

My beloved Irish cousin.

Gone, but not forgotten. ❤

El Rebel
El Rebel Day 1,858, 17:54


orangejuicemmm Day 1,858, 19:20

Doesn't look like a man who would steal to me...what has Nogin done of late..retire? hmmm

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Day 1,858, 22:50

Most impressive

Lord Scego
Lord Scego Day 1,859, 00:50

Great job

Irasian Day 1,859, 01:19

Looks good mate : )

Quentin Conners
Quentin Conners Day 1,859, 01:42

Great buddy 🙂

dalmatinac123 Day 1,859, 04:00

give money back!

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,859, 04:26

It's pretty good, but hardly worth 1,000,000 IEP (less 100,000 given back by Conway)

Dr. Venkman
Dr. Venkman Day 1,859, 05:13

gay gay gay with a dash of honey and lemon gay

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,859, 07:53

@Death - don't be jelly that I have been working and paying towards this country since day 1

ChewChewShoe Day 1,859, 09:09

Nogin was obviously the thief not dicky, dicky is too high to steal

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,859, 09:10

^^ this

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,859, 10:03

I ain't jealous, why should I be jealous of thieves and traitors - now apparently forgotten and forgiven

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,859, 11:04

Your jelly cause ive done more work for this country in a day that you have in your elifetime, its why you go along with these lies about me robbing when you haven't a shred of proof.

Funny after we get robbed Nogin goes inactive and two clicking and you leave the country, weird if you ask me.

Thieves try to disappear from public attention when they rob, thats what all you have done.

Pelgarian Day 1,859, 11:04

Bulgaria: Hey Ireland i love your colors. We should hang out together sometimes. ❤

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,859, 11:06

^^ They come up with excuses to leave, Sawcs was the way the country was been run or the supplies. Yours was the way the referendum vote came out, sure someone who "apparently" cares and worked hard for a country leaves over a vote...sure.

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,859, 11:07

^^ was continuation of what I said above JustAryu.

@JustAryu - Im sure we will soon mate, you get the beers on ice ; )

moomoohead Day 1,859, 11:51

I feel bad for you Marcus, one stupid choice to steel now you got to go to all this work to gain back a reputation. Going to take a bit of work to come back from steeling a million iep from your community. Traitors and thieves will never be forgoten.

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,859, 14:47

Marcus, Yddub was the best of us, he didn't trust you, but he did trust me. Every cent was given to the Irish State even though Yddub didn't give a damn if I took it with me. I can stand over my reputation, but you can never stand over yours. You will always be a thief and a liar.

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,859, 14:51

Muck-Face might decide that it's politically expedient to forget what you did, but there's enough people here that will never trust you again. Never. Ever. Don't blame other people, don't start spreading lies and insinuations about other people, a shame on this country that they are prepared to harbour traitors like you.

One of the many reasons why I left the country was because of the hypocrisy of people putting scum like you ahead of the country. Diarmait Mac Murchada I name you.

Nogin the nog
Nogin the nog Day 1,859, 15:18

Who's inactive and 2 clicking??, certainly not me, who's running the IA Q7 weapon commune program?? yes you guessed it Me & Fritzhill, using our own companys, so get your facts right, i'm doing my part for Ireland/IA and Bootcamp.

Comrade Lovely
Comrade Lovely Day 1,860, 05:48

Marcus - you're a thieving traitor. Do something for eIreland and jog on out of here.

ChewChewShoe Day 1,860, 10:15

Oh looks, it's the gang of useless retards doing fuck all again, yay them!

ChewChewShoe Day 1,860, 10:15

look* ;_;

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,860, 10:29

Now now Chewie, don't make me roll my tanks onto your lawn, they tend to make a big mess.

Gerald Smyth
Gerald Smyth Day 1,860, 11:17


Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,860, 11:52

eIreland always progressing

beanbag Day 1,860, 11:55

Comment deleted

Dr. Venkman
Dr. Venkman Day 1,860, 13:32

They already play a game just like erep, it's called erep, and is shit enough, thanks.

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,860, 15:09

^^ this

Bristel Akina
Bristel Akina Day 1,860, 20:18

Oh jaysus, you guys have forgotten thieves before, what makes Marcus a different target? He works too hard for eIreland?

Not saying he did anything, because I still have not seen any real proof.

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