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Eire Aonair: Looking for a Party?

Day 1,282, 15:33 Published in Ireland Ireland by Ian E Coleman

Est. 2010

Seventeenth Edition: Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'd like to take some time to update the public on Eire Aonair.

Who is Eire Aonair?
Eire Aonair is a political party of eIreland that stands for adherence to values rather than political views. The party was formed out of a desire to accommodate members of broad ideologies and beliefs so that they can share a common character of principles and serve a sovereign eIreland.

Since the beginning (March 17, 2011) Eire Aonair has attempted to grow by actively targeting only citizens who are not already in a political party for recruitment. By sending information and asking citizens to consider us rather than actually requesting that they join, we have created a community that understands the principles of the party and is very committed.

Because we have only targeted members who are not already in a party, we have also grown with many new citizens who are either new to eRepublik or are immigrants from other countries. This has brought us a wealth of fresh ideas and gives us a lot of energy.

The Benefits to New Players and Citizens
If you are a new player of eRepublik in Ireland, Eire Aonair is a good party to become involved with. Our forums are very active (over 900 posts at this point) and by becoming involved in discussions you can learn a lot about the game. These discussions tend to be of high quality and in my experience there is a great willingness to explain things and be respectful of each others ideas.

Our forum is also an ideal place to learn about how to be a part of the community. The operations of the party's forums will prepare you for the national forum. By being involved in voting on party stance and discussing issues in a constructive manner you will be more prepared to be a part of government someday.

A good example of this is the EA Advisory Group which was just opened today and is in development. This group gives players the opportunity to head a department (Finance, Defence, Foreign Affairs, or Community) where they are responsible to start discussions, surveys, and studies with other members in order to create a periodical Eire Aonair newsletter that will publish the views of each department. The idea is to get players to look at issues from the point of view of the government and to try to brainstorm good ideas and opinions on various issues. This is a useful thinking tool and has obvious benefits for the development of players.

If you aren't interested in joining a forum, our members are also active on eRepublik and are always willing to answer questions.

All the same applies to those who are coming from other countries or those who have been just working and training but want to become more involved. We will keep you up to date on what's going on, and being involved in open discussions with other party members will allow you to form a better view of the issues.

Benefits to Experienced Players
Eire Aonair is a good party for new players but also has a lot to offer to more experienced ones. If you want to be part of an independent environment where you can express your own views and not worry about the politics of your party or its members, Eire Aonair allows you that freedom while also giving you a close community to discuss and grow within. If you read our wiki, you can see the values that the party stands for. If you agree with these values and think you can represent them, Eire Aonair is a good party to join.

In April Eire Aonair was taken over by the Bremen Clubhouse. We managed to exist underground for an entire month which to me shows a lot of commitment to and belief in this party from its members. Thank you to all of those who stood by us through the month, and congratulations (even though I'm a bit late to do this publicly).

A More Involved Party
Eire Aonair is a healthy place for free thought and community. We are always discussing issues, and we try to make all of our members a part of the decision making for the direction of the party. We have set ideals as far as the party being about values rather than political views, but we also vote on party stances.

A recent example is our new stance on Northern Ireland which was passed on May 16, 2011. We discussed this issue and brainstormed some thoughts about what would be a good policy regarding the region. As Party President, I then wrote up a document about it and proposed it. We voted on the document and it passed by the required 80% and so became the parties stance on that issue. It can be revised by a 50% majority, and can be replaced at any time in the future through a new proposal and vote. We plan to do this for many other issues through the same democratic process.

You can find Eire Aonair's stance on Northern Ireland here: Eire Aonair's Stance on Northern Ireland

A Goal for the Future
I'd like to continue our high activity on the forums, but also begin making those discussions more accessible to those who don't want to join onto a forum. By publishing more articles, publishing our newsletter, and getting in touch through PMs and the shoutbox, I hope we can accomplish this goal.

BY THE WAY : Eire Aonair's Constitution

Ian E Coleman - The Coleman Global

Wiki Page: Eire Aonair @ the wiki
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Video:Eire Aonair @ YouTube

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MrConway Day 1,282, 15:53

Eire Aonair. Making a house a home. Day 1,282, 16:02

Now this is a great party

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 1,282, 16:09

"[2.1] Eire Aonair seeks to adress the issue of Northern Ireland in the game of eRepublik, as a separate matter to real life parallels."

Ok great! So what is this completely separate from IRL policy?

"[3.0] Eire Aonair believes that Northern Ireland is a natural target of eIreland for occupation.

[3.1] Eire Aonair sights the following factors as justification for this belief.

[3.11] Northern Ireland is a territory located on Ireland (the island), and the only such territory not occupied by eIreland (the nation)."


Ian E Coleman
Ian E Coleman Day 1,282, 16:16

If we were sighting IRL factors, geography woudn't be the first one Goku. Sorry that the game uses real life geography if that's what your complaint is about.

For anyone wondering: that wasn't the only reason we used.

King Connell
King Connell Day 1,282, 16:28


Bhane Day 1,283, 00:00

IRL the NI territory is Irish land still occupied by the UK. The eRep admins just screwed up when they made the map. The territory should have started the game as UK occupied territory, but it is native to Eire. Any RW in North Ireland would be Irish people rising against UK occupation... NOT the other way around. I endorse a petition to the eRep admins to make NI a native territory of eIreland, and rectify their mistake.

Stranger Here Myself
Stranger Here Myself Day 1,283, 00:50

\o Eire Aonair

a shelter to all who think

D-Glennon Day 1,283, 08:38

^^^ well said SHM

I would highly recommend this party , we grow from our differences

Donnzer Day 1,286, 04:37

damn straight SHM were constantly debating and coming up with new ideas we have enough to run several different countires by now

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