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eIndia's possible Military Strategies

Day 1,834, 23:15 Published in India India by Skidude01

eIndia, a verdant country located in the great sub-continent. The former power of the nation exceeded many others in the region. But now the eIndian territory has receded and collapsed due to Croatian invasion.

eIndia currently has no Natural Enemy this I believe has an effect on our military. eIndia must be restored to its former glory, the first step of which is by re-taking old territory, the majority of which is occupied by eCroatia.

By declaring eCroatia as our Natural Enemy gives us a +10% war influence against eCroatia. This will assist us in reaching our goal. On reaching this target eIndia shall reach higher financial power as it can obtain more exports etc. Proof that eIndia has the ability to undertake this is by the evidence that recently Kerala has been liberated from Thai leadership, if this can happen with the rest of the subcontinent a great victory will be attained. In this operation eIndia will need all the assistance it can get, so by declaring eCroatia a Natural Enemy the +10% damage will help greatly.

Aside from that congratulations to all new citizens and well done to all political parties in the recent congress elections.



Asmitatheone Day 1,834, 23:23


Asmitatheone Day 1,834, 23:26

dude, i commend your enthusiasm to write an article but there are things that you need to understand about the country and its current situation.
so, here is what i wud suggest. come on IRC and get on #india.
there will be a fairly large amount of trolls, but fret not, they will answer ur questions and help you undertsnad the situation better.
or u can find me: Asmita_

Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 1,834, 23:27


Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 1,834, 23:31

dude--> direct link to IRC :

Ask for me (citizenneel), Uv Ajed, deadley, asmita_, navincharles, hemanathan or xordin. You can find the eIndian community active there more there.

hope to c u soon there.

eRepublik is adorable
eRepublik is adorable Day 1,834, 00:14

With natural 17 regions and 5 resources, India is over-empowered resource-wise. But, with a low population and being located in an isolated region of the world, there is little India can do to advance militarily. China and Croatia are probably India's best friends and allies so, why not help them but giving them excess land.

Skidude01 Day 1,834, 00:40

Sry I'll try 2 improve the research I do before i post article

Dranze R
Dranze R Day 1,834, 05:50

old noob..

Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 1,834, 08:03

Good to see the king back...
Yeah, join irc and u will learn alot of things...

SykoFk Day 1,835, 07:15

Third get into IRC and chk on it...
enlighten urself and help all f others with ur idea 🙂

Skidude01 Day 1,835, 22:06

Old N00B my arse!

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