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EDEN, TWO and CoT. What's up ?

Day 1,879, 14:11 Published in Croatia France by J35000

Hello everybody and welcome for my new article !

First, thanks to all the voters and subscribers in my last article

Today, we'll see the damages in each divison in the day 1877. All the numbers were taken here.

Here, we can see that EDEN is the most important alliance in all divisions with 34% of the damages in D1, 29% in D2, 33% in D3 and 34% in D4.
Since some weeks, EDEN is loosing speed and regions.

TWO in blue, EDEN in green, CoT in brown, Asgard in yellow

So, Why EDEN has so few regions ?

Simply because the strenghts of EDEN aren't coordinated. EDEN is the most powerful alliance in the eWorld and can do many things if we are more coordinated.

Actually, there are 2 si des :

*TWO and CoT with some neutrals countries
*EDEN with some neutral countries and Asgard

If you take this plan :
Half of Neutral's countries is proEDEN and the other half is proCoTWO.

We can observe that :
- In Division 1
44.5% of the global influence for EDEN and co
55.5% for CoTWO and co

- In Division 2
38.5% of the influence for EDEN and co
61.5% for CoTWO and co

- In Division 3
42.5% for EDEN and co
57.5 for CoTWO and co

- In Division 4
45.5% for EDEN and co
54.5% for CoTWO and co

So, when you look at the diagrams for the first time, you can say that if you are young :
-Oh ! EDEN must dominate the world !

Huhu. Yes but no.
As i said in the beginning of my article, EDEN's loosing speed and countries contrary to TWO and CoT who have more and more strenght day after day and they dominate the world.

But, we forgot something, THE key of the win.
This key is the USA, one of the most powerful country but they aren't in one of the side that i quoted.
All can change with the USA and they are the ultimate key in this situation.

Second thing, if the domination of CoTWO grew again. In some months, they will fight between them for regions.

To conclude, EDEN is the most powerful alliance if everybody fight for ownself. The keys are the USA and the future conflicts between TWO and CoT.
The only thing that we can do for the moment is : Wait, but resist.

Hail EDEN o7 !

Don't forget to vote and subscribe ! And share it if you want.

Thanks 😛


Pierre Alain
Pierre Alain Day 1,879, 14:18


Suster Toni
Suster Toni Day 1,879, 14:24

nice article

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,879, 14:26

There's no more EDEN to be honest.

Only old friends who can't betray each other. Never.

WhiteEagle1950 Day 1,879, 14:27


RoaiTG Day 1,879, 14:44

o7 EDEN FTW! one day the shadow of our mighty three will show the enemies our glory, one day the victory will be ours again, dark times always pass, until then we wil prove the eWorld how strong is our brotherhood.

kek11 Day 1,879, 14:48


Wazzzzzza Day 1,879, 15:14

ca y est, J35K a oublier le francais 😛

Smiljan Day 1,879, 15:25


Touche Awaay
Touche Awaay Day 1,880, 23:23

eden will prevail

I am not dSoKre
I am not dSoKre Day 1,880, 01:08

eUSA is full of foreigners and that is why it's so strong.

Lord Marlock
Lord Marlock Day 1,880, 02:01


Ante Tony
Ante Tony Day 1,880, 04:42

Im in he USA..and i only fight for EDEN. V

LitoII Day 1,880, 05:06

and somebody told me EDEN have no more than 30% of dmg... cry me a river : )

nice article : P

NueveOcho Day 1,880, 05:10

cCc Hail EDEN cCc
Hail the True Brotherhood
Hail the Holy Virgin Tuekry
cCc Hail Aluminium cCc

Tim_Holtz Day 1,880, 05:36

CoT and TWO wont fight each other until EDEN breaks up

Arrlo Day 1,880, 06:56

Litoll: OK a maximum of 34% instead of 30.... Big difference

Epnoz Day 1,880, 08:08

Voté ! Article de qualité : )

Ivo4 Day 1,880, 10:08


Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,880, 10:09

The USA and Brazil are the two biggest countries without alliances, but they both have MPPs with Spain, Poland and Chile - so most of the neutral damage will be going to CoTWO.

nexus2012 Day 1,880, 10:11

Arrlo +1

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 1,880, 10:21

oh its not 30% its 34% now they are gonna have orgasm

Mafch093 Day 1,880, 10:27

USA is not the key, almost a half of their damage is made by people from other countries

PeroST Day 1,880, 10:28


Wildrunner Day 1,880, 10:38

oh its not 30% its 34% now they are gonna have orgasm

like i said, learn to read, but read it to the end

balance of powers between EDEN&allies and COTWO&allies is 45:55

If it was really 30:70 there wouldn't be a single eden region on the whole map and there wouldn't be a single contested battle

Mustafa Kemal Atajerk
Mustafa Kemal Atajerk Day 1,880, 10:40

If we had 70%, we would make EDEN Charter useless.

Biiaaatch Day 1,880, 11:11

@Wildrunner ~ you wanna do the math?

If those figures are correct then CoTWO is:
DIV 1 - 25%
DIV 2 - 44%
DIV 3 - 34%
DIV 4 - 26%
stronger then Eden (not calculating the neutrals).

But I guess you can "invite" few more countries, just in case xD

ardealu Day 1,880, 11:17


Kolorowy Day 1,880, 11:18

Dubrovnik I think you've spent too much time with Romper. Well, if you didn't know yet, not everybody masturbates when winning a campaign in eRepublik like your idol did. 🙂 But I'm happy for him, he got his first orgasm in his entire life when Turkey switched sides and EDEN got damage advantage.

Kolorowy Day 1,880, 11:25

Biiaaatch Day 1,880, 11:11

But I guess you can "invite" few more countries, just in case xD

^^ I don't think we're inviting countries to join us. It's rather more countries are leaving the sh*t they were in (yep, I'm talking about being allied to Croatia, Romania, Turkey, Greece, Argentina). Of course only the countries can leave, that has a place to go. It's not the case for Romania, Ukraine or Argentina. They would love to leave EDEN too, but nobody would take them as a partner. So they are bound to be members of the sh*ttiest alliance ever. Forever 😉

Wildrunner Day 1,880, 11:35

Biiaaatch, realistically it's CoTWO&allies vs EDEN&allies, the damage of many of those "neutrals" and others might not be coordinated at all times but it aint lost and goes in one of those directions. Besides with the decimation of the Argentinian, Greek and Turkish empires CoTWO&allies are currently wasting much more dmg in RW's than eDEN&allies so this balances out things for prio battles even further.

mikel_ahone Day 1,880, 11:47


(We have to be a bunch of idi*ts, since for what the h**l do we need damage in a war game? It's completely useless, much more better to have a real brotherhood jeje)

P.D. As my favourite stalker said (aka Kolorowy), instead of whining for only having around 30% of damage you should think about why it happened. But wait, do u know how to think? : O


Signed: A traitor, stalker selfish guy who only thinks about reaching 90% damage on his side!!

Biiaaatch Day 1,880, 12:07

@Kolorowy ~ do you remember who fed your babies from the biggest bb you guys had?
Google it if you can't recall... Junior.

Mustafa Kemal Atajerk
Mustafa Kemal Atajerk Day 1,880, 12:14

"@Kolorowy ~ do you remember who fed your babies from the biggest bb you guys had?" 2009
WE HAVE 2013

Ethel Rosenberg
Ethel Rosenberg Day 1,880, 13:50


III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 1,880, 15:50

cmon poles keep it shut and try to seek more dmg : ) u still can not defeat eden, does it hurt? nwo/one/two/ctrl or smthng : D

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 1,880, 15:53

whatever u do, whatever u make, u will always be remmeber as a nation who is switching sides or making new alliance every few months
thats it my son : ) have a nice day and nice orgasm too : )

Kolorowy Day 1,880, 15:56

Biiaaatch Day 1,880, 12:07

@Kolorowy ~ do you remember who fed your babies from the biggest bb you guys had?

^^I don't have babies in eRepublik. There is no sex-module over here. Masturbating over a virtual victory does not count as a sex-module in my eyes, BUT even if it would, there are no babies from masturbation. Guess you didn't know that until now. Not to mention I'm not a famous elite citizen with ultra-high experience level to do such things in eRepublik.

Kolorowy Day 1,880, 16:00

We don't want to defeat EDEN. We enjoy keeping you barely alive, just to see how low you can go. Also a huge bonus is waiting to see every country except Croatia, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Argentina, to be called a TRAITOR. There aren't many countries left anyway. 😉

Matija Kovacevic
Matija Kovacevic Day 1,880, 18:59


Doge N7
Doge N7 Day 1,881, 04:32


Stolch Day 1,881, 05:54

CoTWO propaganda!

They have 70% of damage you infidel, no you read propaganda memo!

The reason why EDEN is loosing is simple. While EDEN was busy trying to crush Bulgaria, Chile and Cot while it was young, disregarding their own smaller members many of whom have been under occupation for over a year now, CoT was bussy building up it's small members and growing not only from outside but from within.

It took 1 year for the results to be apparent, but they're here now. The main reason that TWO is profiting from that is, that EDEN made CoT it's primary target, hence it will continue to shrink until it accepts it is dead and disbands or until only the "core" countries are left.

While CoT will have a different problem, it actually has it now. Who to refuse and not who to accept.

Also the fact that CoT is much stronger in D1 and D2 means that it will continue to grow within, while the TWO retains it's positions and EDEN continues to shrink. Eventually the 70% propaganda will become true.

Master Saita Norgan
Master Saita Norgan Day 1,881, 13:09

@ Dubrovinik i think its better to switch sides with a good reason than backstab without a reason. Croatia betrayed India why?Turkey backstabbed Iran and Israle why? Ukraine betrayed Rep. of Moldova why? Then wonder why nations are fleeing EDEN...Argentina,Croatia,Turkey,Ukraine, and Romania have no friends...China, and Israel should dump u guys while they still can 😨

Kolorowy Day 1,881, 15:08

Candice Michelle Day 1,881, 13:09

...China, and Israel should dump u guys while they still can

^^ LOL, that would make Cryatians cry about 90% more 😉

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